Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to the Sculpting and Painting

I was so glad to find some gloves I could sculpt in so I could get back into the paper mache last week!  I mentioned on Facebook that I had a bad batch of paper mache that chemically burned my hands almost 2 months ago (Yes, this is the second time I have had this happen) and it really set me back in my work.  It actually hurt to run water over my hands or to try to do dishes or bath so I was doing all of this with household gloves on.  I can happily say that I am past that and Ansell, Touch N Tuff nitrile gloves are my new best friend!  They are thick enough they don't tear, but not so thick that you can't feel the surface you are working on.  You have to keep them moistened to keep the paper mache from sticking, but that is so minor when I consider it is keeping my skin intact! 

The photo above shows some pumpkin heads with a variety of faces in different sizes that I was able to sculpt while wearing the gloves.  The gloves still allowed for detail even on the small pumpkins that are less than 2.5" tall, and worked equally as well on the largest of the pumpkins that is over 5" tall (not including the stems).  They were dry enough yesterday that I was able to prime and orange coat several of them and even finish one of the small heads.

The smallest of the pumpkin heads are going to serve as toppers for two painted containers for Halloween.  I'm trying to decide if they need little crepe paper collars under their chins and I'm inclined to believe they do. 

I'm so excited to be back functioning again in the studio so I'm off to go paint details on the rest of the pumpkin fellows over the next few days.

Have a great week!


Len said...

Wow! I don't use premixed papier-mache, your experience makes me want to try it even less. I'm so glad that your hands are better.

They need collars! Of course I would give them arms and position them as though they were trying to get into the treats themselves! It's not about the sharing, it's about the greedy-guts! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Ron Anger said...

Glad you're back at it! This batch looks wonderful.
Most definitely collars!

Hope your hands are feeling better!!

maddyrose said...

I've never had a reaction to the paper mache clay that I use and am thankful for that. Glad to hear your hands are better and the gloves are working for you. Of course these little pumpkins need collars. They're adorable!

Maggie said...

I'm glad your hands are getting better! Do you use pre-made paper mache? I make my own, and so far, no problem. Love all of the pumpkin heads, and I say crepe paper collars would be perfect!