Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little Winnie Wicked

I'm in the studio finishing the painting on a few new Halloween pieces so I thought I would share one with you.  Below is s piece finished last week, "Little Winnie Wicked."   "Winnie" is a wild-haired little witch so I had to blow her bangs off of her forehead to get a shot of her face.   She obviously is a happy character.

Part of Winnie's smile is due to her beloved pumpkin, Penelope, her little companion who was the recipient of some legs created by a loving spell cast by Winnie.  Winnie felt so badly that Penelope had to roll everywhere she went, which slowed her down terribly.  Winnie was sure that giving Penelope legs that it would be the perfect solution to her movement needs.  

One would think that would lead to a happy ending, but Penelope Pumpkin became so excited with her new legs and feet that she ran and ran and ran until she became lost.  Winnie was a wreck worrying about her companion so she cast a second spell on Penelope as soon as she was found.  With a movement of her wand, Winnie gave Penelope a very long vine that could be used as a leash until she got use to her legs.

It shouldn't be long now for Penelope to be on her own again, but in the meantime, Winnie has a firm grip on her little buddy.

Have a great week


Michelle May said...

They are wonderful!

maddyrose said...

I adore Winnie and her little bud Penelope and their story is a delight.

Maggie said...

Well now, Winnie is quite adorable, and her cute little pumpkin buddy is, too! Love them both.

Ron Anger said...

Winnie is totally wicked!
Wonderful always!