Monday, August 18, 2008

Great weekend!!

Oh whew, had a pretty productive weekend. I was able to finish sculpting the Santa below with his bag over his shoulder out of FastMache. This is the second full piece I have completed in this material and it has the papier mache texture I like in my works. I hope to paint on the first piece today to see how it takes paint and if it goes well I may be using this material more in the future. Don't mix it with warm water I discovered or it will set-up on you fast like a rock!!

Close up of the face on this Santa with another big moustache and beard. The FastMache holds detail well as it dries and I really like that. I found the celluclay to warp some and a straight nose could become crooked overnight as it dried...which worked for me sometimes and frustrated me other times!!

Side view below shows Santa's coat collar, edge of his bag of goodies, facial profile and round tummy.

The humidity has been really high here with fog in the mornings, and of course means a longer drying time for the clays. I am going to sculpt again today to try to build some more inventory to paint and then paint some dry pieces tonight starting with Santa. I purchased another Ott-lite over the weekend and wonder why it took me so long to get them. They are magic for me!!!

I have a piece from HipHopJingleBoo artist, Deb Schoch that just had to come to my house to live to show you tomorrow. It is my new "precious."

Happy creating!



Johanna Parker said...

Fun Santa piece and good for you to try a different sculpting medium... You are a brave girl :) Maybe one of these days I'll give the fast-mache a try, but I'm so slow, it would probably harden up before I was finished..

Thanks for sharing!
~ Johanna

sheila said...

Another Great Santa!! I have seen the fast mache but never tried it. May have to try a bag soon.
And those Ott lights are the greatest arent' they?

Laurie Hardin said...

The FastMache isn't too fast set-up wise if you use cold instead of warm water. I freaked on the first mix when the clay got hard faster in the plastic bag than on the sculpted form I was working on. I mixed two batches yesterday and they stayed pliable all day long.

Ginny Diezel said...

As usual, another extraordinary piece!!!!!!!!!!

Chicken Lips said...

This piece looks like it's gonna be another winner! Can't wait to see it finished. I know what you mean about the slow dry time - I use PaperClay, and when it's humid, that stuff just can't dry fast enough! The package says "dry time is overnight"...Ha!