Friday, August 22, 2008

Update on the 2 FastMache Santa Clause Figures

Made some progress the last two days with paint on some of the figures you have seen previously in an unpainted state. Below are the 2 bald Santa figures with some paint splashed on them. They do start taking on personalities of their own when the paint starts being added in layers.

One figure will be on a box which I think I will paint like a brick chimney. The lid with Santa can be lifted off of the box bottom so you actually have a small storage box to put something wonderful inside. I like the idea of a diamond jewelry gift box on the inside , but then we all have dreams!! HA! The other Santa is on a small paper mache box base and eventually will have more painted snow on his base and boots

Close up of Santa 1 holding his belly as he giggles. His bottom glove has a hole through it to suspend a small little dolly I made which is just primed and not painted yet.

Close up of the Santa with the bag. I still need to add the tiny bits of blue to form the iris of the eyes and then the box base needs to be painted inside and out.

There are belts on these figures but their bellies hide them.

Side view of the Santa carrying the can also see his round ball buttons on his shirt in this view.

I just bought more of the FastMache (yes, it is one word according to the manufacturer) and plan on using it on a few more pieces. If these had both been celluclay I wouldn't have been able to paint them yet due to the drying time so this new mix is helping me with increasing my output. I'm still experimenting with a paperclay/celluclay blend that does what I want it to, but I'm still messing with the proportions that will give me the textural look of celluclay while decreasing the drying time. I feel I'm pretty close and have used a mix several times that is sort of working, but I think I need to decrease the amount of paperclay just a little bit...I cook like this too. Pretty scary isn't it!

Happy creating and have a great day!



Anonymous said...

*sigh* I just love your santas. Their long skinny legs and round bellies are so great.

Laurie Hardin said...

Thanks Sheila, I just enjoying making the little stinks!!

Chicken Lips said...

Love the depth that you acheive with your layers of painting. Beautiful work!

ger chouinard said...

Laurie: Well I guess by now you can tell I just love it here! I come here all the time! I love your style; the characters you bring to life are amazing! Santas are my very favorite but I just love Halloween too! Thanks for the inspiration; your creations make me smile! xo, g

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Just LOVE these jolly fellows! FastMache? have to check that out.

Laurie Hardin said...

Thank you for the compliments...I love Christmas almost as much as Halloween (HA) and like making the Santa figures. FastMache is very new to me, but I like the fast drying time and the textural surface you get with it.

Give it a try if you like the look Marie!!

Designs by CK said...

Popping in to say hello Laurie! :)

LOVE the Santas...cute!

Spooky CK

Kingfisher Farm said...

Hey Laurie please make your type larger on this blog so I can read it... my bifocals dont do well reading on black when it is so small. Your work is just phenominal. Its powerful, and dark Pam fellow pfattie