Monday, August 25, 2008

Increased Text Size

I received a request to enlarge the point size of the font in the blog text so it would be easier to read so if the blog looks a bit different today that might be why.

Not much new over the weekend as far as the studio is concerned. I finished this little "Skelly in a Top Hat with the Whirling Bat" commission to be shipped out tomorrow. He is another version of the smaller pieces I started last month mounted on a base with "critters" flying overhead, mixed with some of my standard dyed/painted raffia collars. I had made a top hat for a snowman in progress. and as a joke I put it on the clay Skelly head and "oh, I think I like it" popped into my brain. I photographed it, sent it to the buyer for consideration and they agreed.
The whirling vampire bat swirls around the top hat trying to intimidate Skelly, but he treats it more as an irritation than a threat with a smile from ear to ear...oops, Skelly has no ears, but you catch my meaning. The base has a painted graveyard entrance gate, moon, bats and stars to add to the pieces interest. I hadn't planned on posting this piece but the cupboards were getting bare so it was the only bone I had to throw...hope you don't mind!!
Need to get cracking, I got a late start today!!


Flora said...

I'm passing on an award to you! Please stop by and take a peek!

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute!!!! Love the top hat!

~Tonya said...

Oh how ADORABLE is he! He will be treasured for many years to come, Laurie! I love him and can not wait for him to arrive.

You are such a doll for sure, Thank you Laurie! I also love the new one listed on ebay. Wishing you many bids.


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Love his googling eyes!

Johanna Parker said...

I'm loving all of your Halloween Laurie!... FABULOUS!...... ( and thank you for the sweet blog award..... )

~ Johanna