Monday, March 9, 2009

Out Spider Walking

Where is the time going?!! What I thought I would have done on Wednesday finally got done on Friday...what I thought I would get done Friday is still sitting undone!!!! I'm painting everyday, except today because I'm working on my SpookyTime Jingles pages and sent out some pieces, but I feel like a snail. I know we only lost an hour for daylight savings time Sunday, but I think it feels like several days....and I had a terrible time getting myself out of bed today. What is up?

Okay, enough of the pity party, on to the positive! Below is "Out Spider Walking", that you saw as a WIP a couple of weeks ago. I was charmed by this loving little Skelly figure and so I put extra details on his collar, which is a spider web of course with a big ole' grinning spider holding the collar closed, and a tiny spider button on the shirt. Even his little cap has a tiny web surrounding the top above the 31 inside of the "O" for October. He also has the striped leggings I love putting on my figures with boots.

I tend to be a happy person so I notice that most of my figures also wear grins. The photo below shows some of the hat and collar detail more closely. Oh a Skelly and his Spider, what could be more endearing to a Halloween lover?

Bear with me about my blogging, my posting and my responses. I am so behind, and need to be in the studio a ton more this next month so that I get my EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artist Group) challenge piece done as well as my EHAG giveaway piece...yes, another small piece will be given away by me in April (are you feeling a little more generous in spirit to forgive me now?) as well as finishing 4 works to be sent to the Halloween Convention in Pennsylvania in April and my new STJ April pieces. If I go bald I figure I can always buy a wig!! HA!

Have a great day and happy creating all!!



Amy H. said...


He is absolutely wonderful....Great Job.....You are always forgiven.....However I am glad to know oyou are okay and only going bald....HAHA....


Sonia ;) said...

I love it love it love it..How awesome...Just wanted to stop by and say HI Laurie


Sonia ;)

Patty Benedict said...


I'm feeling the same! Sooo much to create and sooo little time!
I know your pieces will be spooktacular!!!!
Bugs & Hisses

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Oh my stars Laurie! This little chap is so wickedly cool! Love the little Spidey too! He's perfect in every way!

I'm with you on the time change thing too! What the heck HAPPENED? I swear I lost at least three days...if not more! I'm still dazed!

Thank you again for the old crocheted goodies! My eyes are spinning with delight!

Enchanted Blessings and Haunted Hugs!

Designs By CK said...

I don't think you have ENOUGH to do!!! LOL J/K '-)

Lovely new piece as always & good luck getting ALL your new projects situated.

A new cyber-stalker huh?

PS: I submitted to you know where!

Me (-:

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

I think I may have a rainbow colored wig around here somewhere :] Sometimes it's hard to choose a color. Look at him...He's fabulous! Great details..Awesome

Amy said...

Hey Laurie! How are you? Where is the Halloween thing in PA? I'm in Pittsburgh. I would love to go there. I love the new piece and know how hard it is to keep up, hence the lack o' blog entries as of late! Hope you are well. :o) Amy

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Oh Laurie, He is FABULOUS! I love the detailed work on his hat & Collar :).....
Deep breaths Laurie..and a cup of hot Tea!

Phillane E'lee said...

Oh Laurie,
I knew that I would adore this handsome fella spiders and all! He is awesome and I knew he would be. I think I need a sugar daddy. LOL I want some art! LOL
Oh the time, yep where has it been going. I am soo very busy and feel like a rat on a wheel getting no where just in circles. The time change screwed up me as well.
Good luck with all your projects. I will be in the studio as well. Have a great week.

yoborobo said...

He is just so wonderful and his spider makes me laugh! I don't know how you get all that you are doing DONE! :)

Caroline said...

Love this guy with his spider which is better than snakes! :)