Thursday, March 12, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Update TONIGHT at Midnight!

Yes, tonight is the night for the March update of SpookyTime Jingles. Below is a fat little Santa on STJ that appears to be in peril of getting stuck in the chimney...will he or won't he fit?! I think he looks pretty snug in that opening, but I also know Santa has magic so I'm betting on the jolly little fellow!

I've gotten a chance to peek at some of the new pieces so go give this group of artists a look! Lots of little spooks and jingles!

Have a great day and happy creating!


Designs By CK said...

SO Cute ~ Another one that will get SNAPPED UP with the "quickness" I'm sure!

Have a great rest of the week lady!

AND thanks 4 adding me to your you know what!!! '-)

Me (-:

PJ's talking2.... said...

Laurie, can I be added to the you know what? Aw... I'll be nice.
Love that sweet look on his face. So pleased with himself. You're sooooo good! xo PJ

Outside the Box Primitives~Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

Hey Laurie! Thanks so much for your comment about the kids! yeah second time around in less than a year.. whew! love this santa dollie!! take care, hugs, robin