Thursday, April 2, 2009

Witchy Wilhelmina

Recently I was inspired by another blogger to make a witch to add to my group of figures. I hadn't made a witch in over two years that I actually completed in paint, and many of you have probably noticed I rarely make female figures...I don't know why, but most of the figures I have running through my head are male. I commented to Joycee (Enchanted Productions) about this and she said she does primarily female figures so I guess we were put in the world to balance each other out! He he! Below is Wilhelmina....she has porcelain green skin, I mean lovely green skin, and has had a little face work done as she has had her nose mole removed and her nose straightened. Her teeth have also been veneered and her lower lip now has some of her fat (we don't ask her where the fat came from ) injected in it to plump it up. A bit of a witchy diva that Wilhelmina! Oh, and don't ever call her Willy...she has this toad spell she is known for and it has been said there is an elevated toad population in and around her home.

A close up of the little Wilhelmina below...she looks so harmless but don't let her looks fool you!

Hope she gives you a smile!


Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

I wonder if she'd cast her spell if I called her Minnie? She's fab,...and those lips! She does look quite harmless, but if you look closely in to her eyes, you can see something there :]

Holiday Queen said...

Willy is wickedly sweet! Oh no...I mean Wilhelmina...croak...Got any good counter spells?...croak...

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

She is fickled so I would stick with calling her Wilhelmina unless you like flies. She liked Angelina's lips so what can I say about those lips.

Sorry about that Melissa...I warned you!!!! Fly snack anyone? HE HE!!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Love her. She's my favourite so far and love the combination of colours.
Simply wonderful!

Sonia ;) said...


Love the names you come up with. She is adorable, love the bat and shiny belt buckle...The softness of the green of her skin is very nice also....I want Halloween even more now lol..


Sonia ;)

Kristen Beason Designs said...

EEK...What a total babe! Love her!


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you for not giving up on me...I should have used your beautiful photo as a model! Gorgeous girl!

Thank you so much...she loves her bats that Wilhelmina.

Thanks Kristen...she thinks she is a total babe too!! Honestly, she is a diva.

Thank you all for your comments!

Amy H. said...

I think she is wickedly wonderful my pretty....Of course you never stop amazing me.....:)


yoborobo said...

She is GORGEOUS!!!! I bet all the warlocks have a big old crush on her. :) She is a lovely shade of green!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Hi Amy, glad you like Wilhelmina and that you stopped by!!

She says some of those Warlocks have frogs in their throats now...not quite sure what that means, but knowing her toad spell I can speculate!! Thanks for stopping by!

Chicken Lips said...

She's a vision of loveliness! Love her "bat" necklace - that girl knows how to accesorize!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

So glad you stopped by to see Ms. Wilhelmina. She is a fashion sort of gal so the bat was a necessity for her outfit!! She thanks you for noticing!

Anonymous said...

It's fun to do something a little different every now & then. I just love her hair. It's so, well, stiff. She must use some amazing sculpting gel, mousse just wouldn't give the same effect.

Smiles, Debbie

PS: I did hear that rumor about the toads. I just find it hard to believe. She has such a sweet face after all.

Designs By CK said...

Hi Laurie ~ Popping in to say hello & wish you a great weekend!

I have a lil' something for ya at my blog! '-)

PS: Witchy is FAB!!!

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-:

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

WOW Laurie!

Witchy Wilhelmina is soooo wickedly wonderful! I'm glad that Hagatha gave you a bit of inspiration!

I had to laugh at the part about us balancing out the universe though!!! LOL! You're the "spooky ying" to my "creepy yang" girl! LOL! I don't know amazing as Wilhelmina should be making more witches!!! So what if it throws off the universe a bit!

I just adore your work!
Enchanted Blessings,

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh yes, the hair thing...Wilhelmina had really curly hair and went to a stylist that straightened it for her and sort of over processed her hair...he hops around a lot now and eats crickets. I just don't ask qestions.

Hey Chris!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Too funny girl!! I will forever treasure the thought of being your "spooky ying"! More witches to come...I just needed that little push from the "creepy yang"! HA!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Phillane E'lee said...

She is too cute. I see the little crook in that grin though so I know to be ware. LOL
Keep them coming girl. You inspire me to work. Gotta get the specks to find the coffee. LOL

Tammy said...

Wow, you are wickedly talented! moihaha! lol I love her. She makes me smile like all of your artwork does.


oohhh..what a sweetie..:-)
amazing work!

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Laurie -- she's amazing!! Somehow you capture spooky and sweet -- it's pure magic! :)
Make more, make more!!