Monday, March 8, 2010

Birds of Prey and Painting on a New Cat

I don't know whether it is the weather or not, but something has turned my cats into maniacs and they are running around the house like crazy today. That doesn't create the best conditions for trying to paint since they are bouncing off of any surface they run by, including my studio table!! Some of my lines are going to have to be repainted! Anyway, here is a sneak peek at the cat WIP I'm working on. Still much to get done, but I am making progress splashing paint on the figures that were just raw paper mache last week. I hope to finish him by tomorrow.

On another note, we have a predator in our yard again, but it wasn't the kestrel this time. We had noticed the squirrels weren't out and about in the yard over the weekend and the birds weren't feeding on the bird feeders. Hubby noticed something large fly by the window and land on our fence and look what it is...another raptor!!! We have a birding friend looking at the picture because the hawk is in his winter color and also appears to be a juvenile. I think it might be a Goshawk, but will let Brian confirm that for us. (UPDATE: I'm wrong, it is a Cooper's Hawk according to Brian and he would know.) Who would have thought!! It surprises me since we also have owls in the neighborhood and the two are notorious for not getting along.

Oh, the wonders of nature!!

Have a great week all...back to the paint for me!


Liz Revit said...

I love the cat so far, and I'm digging what looks to be like the face of an apple behind him. I can't wait to see when these guys are all done. Keep us posted.

Pattee said...

Oh the wonders indeed Laurie! We have Bald Eagles and falcons in my neighborhood and it's not long before we don't see squirrels....

In fact I have the feathers of a young falcon that crashed into our window... I couldn't give it to anyone!!! Surprise.....

I love your new cat and all the new dolls in the back!

Take care~

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks Liz!!...Yes, the apple head is going to the school here to help with a fundraiser and as you can see needs his face fully painted and arms to be sculpted. I'll post him before he leaves for his banquet premier.

Pattee, so far our bald eagles appear to be staying near the river...yikes, I would imagine cats are at risk too!!! The kestrel left a few feathers as well and I have those, but they aren't the larger feathers, just wing feathers. Luckily he hasn't crashed into my windows!!

Thank you both!

yoborobo said...

Hi Laurie! I love your kitty. :) And Spring is making my three cats nuts here, as well. They're having their middle-of-the-night Olympics. Crashing around in the kitchen like burglars! LOL! Beautiful bird! Should I tell you that my DH saw a hawk swoop by our bird feeder, grab himself a little junca and keep on flying without missing a beat? I'm glad I didn't see it! LOL!! You have a lovely Tuesday! xo Pam

Brunorafael321 said...

seu trabalho é muito bonito, gostei muito! um abraço!