Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Purkins Goodnight"

"Purkins Goodnight" is finished and ready for his debut. "Purkins" is the first cat to come from Monkey-Cats Studio with a crook in his hat, a full curled tail and an egg shaped body, all which make him a pretty unique character for 2010.

As with many of my figures there is a story about this little guy. "Purkins" comes from a long line of black cats from the rural high plains. The family name, "Goodnight", came from a farmer's wife. One summer, night after night she would hear the cats howling in the farm yard outside her bedroom, and finally one evening after a day of hard work she couldn't take the feline serenade any longer. She went to the window and yelled to the fur-boys below, "enough already, good night!!" To her surprise, the howling stopped. The next night she tried it again and the howling stopped again. Eventually, the tone of her voice became more gentle, almost like the Walton family's nightly exchange, and she received the same response from the cats -- silence. Finally, she began to simply say, "good night" out the window to the gathering below. As the cats began to raise kittens the question finally was asked , "what is our name?" Well, "Goodnight" of course was the response, just ask the farmer's wife. And so it was that the "Goodnight" clan was established.

"Purkins" comes from the second generation of the "Goodnight" family. Still a little more country in his taste, he favors polka dots and sweater vests over pin stripes and fitted garments. The farmer's wife found him very charming when he was a tiny kitten and named him Perkins, but his mother misspelled the name on his birth certificate and so he became known as "Purkins." Kind of like Oprah was suppose to actually be Orpah....but the name was misspelled. It happens.

A happy little feline, it is said that if you just give him a scratch under the chin he will purr like there is no tomorrow. Perhaps his mother was correct in the spelling of his name..."Purkins" seems to fit him quite nicely!

I'm off to work on my SpookyTime Jingles' update!! You will find this little fellow amongst the offerings for the month on Friday night at midnight. Let's hope he makes it a good night!!



Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Love Purkins! and, also love his snazzy sweater vest! Fun! Deb

Liz Revit said...

He is cute! Love the sweater vest too.