Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sculpting, Sculpting

It is back to sculpting this week, and then some more sculpting so that I can build up my inventory of Halloween pieces. I worked on an over-sized pumpkin head last night, and I'm actually excited to get his little arms and hands done so he can dry while I plan his painting design. (I put a finished pumpkin head piece in the background so that you can see how exaggerated his head is in proportion to his body.) I think he has potential.

I also sculpted a bucket for this figure and made two larger buckets that I think might be turned into Halloween candy buckets for other figures...big figures.

I decided to take time to go thrift and antique shop hunting this morning and found a lovely $150 antique Halloween paper lantern, which didn't come home with me. I did come home with a rhinestone Halloween-colored brooch for an upcoming project, however, and some stainless steel containers for storing studio items in. I've decided to go out again in two weeks to see what else I can find!! It was fun and I found some really wild things I need to think about between now and then....decisions, decisions!!

Hope you had a great day too!


yoborobo said...

I love your big-headed pumpkin! And I went thrift shopping yesterday, too. I got some cloth and buttons. Now I have to use them! :) Have a great day, Laurie! xo Pam

Anonymous said...

doesn't it feel strange to make halloween items in early springtime?
Weel, there gonna be great again ,I'm sure!
Do you make them from paperclay, paper mache or papydur?