Monday, April 12, 2010

SpookyTime Jingles Updates at Midnight Tonight!!

UPDATE: Both are SOLD!!! Thank you!
Where is the time going??....I sort of know how the white rabbit feels right now! Silly me, time flies! Tonight is the SpookyTime Jingles update at midnight. I have two offerings this month, "Let's Hide the Halloween Eggs featuring Boo-more Bones" and "Sammy Squash." ( The black block that "Boo-more" is sitting on was used for elevation and is not part of the piece)

Both works are made of paper mache and wire with "Boo-more" wearing a raffia collar, and "Sammy" donning a German glass glitter bow tie. Lots of little details in the painting and of course on the Halloween buckets...and one bucket is actually full of tiny Halloween eggs (warning, I would not eat any of those "eggs" that "Boo-more" has in his bucket!)

I was able to get some sneak peeks of some of the upcoming goodness for tonight so don't miss out!!! Here is a link to make it easy for you:

I have a table full of figures just waiting for some paint so I'm off to see if I can make some characters come to life!!!

Have a great day!

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Daryle and Katie said...

Laurie... Your work is just a delight to look upon! You make me smile, and I thank you for that! Daryle at Woodstown Whimsies