Monday, May 18, 2009

May Halloween WIPs

I'm still working in clay all of this week, but here are some of the works in progress I have going for next month's STJ update and for creating some type of inventory for three fall shows I am participating in (I need my head examined). The heads of the figures are pretty well completed with their little smiles or grins, they have their bow ties and hats, and one figure has her arms and hands (the rest are to be completed this week in between head construction on other figures).

The 2 cat heads are some of my first smaller versions of my Monkey-Cats and of course the boys were too busy to be bothered with modeling for me over the weekend. Fortunately, they both come to me when I call them by name so I would get an occasional glimpse as they arrived for their head rub and drink of studio water when they weren't napping. Silly little creatures and the clay head with the broader grin is Elwood...such a comic and I swear he smiles!!! He brings me his chenille worm (chenille pipe cleaner he took from my supplies) and if I ignore him he sticks it in my paint water---yuck!!! We have decided he likes the way it feels in his mouth because he takes them to his water dish downstairs, his water dish in the kitchen and my paint water. He gets very excited when I rinse them and pull them through a towel to get part of the water out of them (yes, he has used up my entire package of chenille pipe cleaners, but I don't care because they bring him such pleasure).

There is also a moon figure with her scepter and Halloween bucket, two other celestial figures and a pumpkin head. I had a blast making collars and bow ties this past week so most of the figures have one or the other or in most cases they have both.

Well, I had better get my fanny in gear and get today's clay mixed up!

Have a great day and happy creating!


Lynn Stevens said...

You have been busy, can't wait to see them finished!
Love your story of the pipecleaners!

Debbie said...

These are all amazing, Laurie! Can't wait to see the completed pieces. I hope you'll take some time to kick back and enjoy yourself over the upcoming long weekend. You deserve a break!


snippetgirl said...

I just love the expressions on your are SO good at everything but especially that! The bow ties are adorable and so well crafted too.
Give those crazy cats of yours a chin scratch for me :).
Many purrs,

Fantasy Whispers - Vania Cruz-Perez said...

Hi Laurie,

They are not finished yet and they are looking fantastic so far. I can just imagine once they are done, can't wait to see them.


Sonia ;) said...


They are wonderful.I Love the expressions...I am stocking up also..trying to get my etsy store and what not up...Im freaking LOL..I want to have some kind of stock....OY...I love the WIPS

Sonia ;)

yoborobo said...

Hi Laurie!

I love them - they're like a little army of cuteness! Keep slinging that clay!

xo Pam

*retro-rudolphs* said...

I'm looking forward to seeing them completed :)


Phillane E'lee said...

Oh they are all going to be so adorable, funny little creatures. The story is too funny. Can't wait to see them done. You still on speedy coffee I see. LOL
Have a great week Laurie.

Tracy M. said...

Can't wait to see them finished, They are looking great. Cute, bad kitty.
Take care,
Tracy M.