Tuesday, May 12, 2009

STJ Update at Midnight

SpookyTime Jingles has the monthly update tonight at midnight eastern time. Below are the little spooks and a single jingle I have for the month. "Spider Web Skelly", "Sorta Wicked" and the "Dancing Pumpkin" ornament are the new Halloween works from Monkey-Cats Studio, shown along with the Christmas offering, "Santa with the Ornament".

"Spider Web Skelly" has lots of web detail on the shoulders, top hat and the back yoke and tiny little spiders on each web, as well as the large spider holding his shirt closed. He is a dandy, no doubt about it!!

The "Dancing Pumpkin" ornament shows a vine-bodied pumpkin boy dancing in the graveyard under the moonlight. Lots of little details down to his root-like feet, haunted house, tree, stars and swirls covering the surface. More views of this ornament can be found on my flickr site.

"Sorta Wicked" was seen on yesterday's post and is the third little spook in the group. More uni-body figures are planned, but she is the first!!! Silly girl!

The jingle for the month is "Santa with the Ornament". I tried to give him a sweet face as he prepares to give a jolly laugh as he hangs the ornament on the family Christmas tree. Mrs. Claus doesn't ask much of the big guy, but when it comes to placing the ornaments on the tree she likes a little help. Santa is more than happy to accommodate...he is a softy you know!

That's it for this month!!! Working in clay today so WIPs will be shown as I work on them. So many sketches and new ideas...I need more hands!

Have a great day and don't forget to give all of the artists at STJ a look!!



Sonia ;) said...

Oh as always they are wonderful Laurie....WIP away lady....everyone needs some extra hands and hours LOL...

Sonia ;)

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

I always come here for BIG smiles-they are fantastic! Santa is a sweetie :)

Designs By CK said...

CUTE new STJ goodies Laurie!!!

AND your blog loads much faster now. Yay! '-)

Have a great week!

Chris :-)

Fuzzy Brush said...

How do they get so loveable? I just want to hug them (also want to hug Jake and Elwood)! They all make me so happy!

Gourdqueen said...

Laurie, I love your new guys! They always make me smile.
Thanks for the post on my blog, you silly little girl......I'll do what I can (in my quite whisper voice)!

Patty Benedict said...

Laurie...LOVE your intricate painting on your ornaments!!!!
Your art always makes me smile!!
GREAT STJ goodies!!!!!
Bugs & hisses

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Your work always amazes me with the details! And I love the whimsical faces!! Talk about being a busy lady! Looks like you were one too!!
Have a great rest of the week...Iva

Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi,I met her work through of the blog of Pj's, and I am amazed with so much creativity.
Their dolls are fantastic!