Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You!!

I have had my nose in my work a lot lately like so many of you, and I need to apologize to several wonderful bloggers that have given me awards that I have not addressed. Your generosity of spirit is so greatly appreciated and my intentions are good, I just think I will get to it the next day when I don't have clay on my fingers, or the day after that when I take a painting break, and all of a sudden I have lost track of time and the email you sent about the award. I really feel like I use to be better organized, more attentive to detail and a better time manager. As I have gotten myself more involved in the studio business I find I am working longer hours, generally 7 days a week, and all of a sudden I find another week has flown by, and then suddenly a month or two. I feel badly for my behavior so I think from here out I will have to be an award free blog because I don't want to disappoint anyone that bestows me with an award, their time and attention. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact you find me award worthy, I just feel like I'm not reciprocating appropriately and that isn't fair to you.

Anyway, Pam of Yoborobo, recently awarded me the Renee award. Pam wrote that the Renee award was created by Bella, so I went to Bella Sinclair's Doodlespot blog and found it a visual delight. Her images are charming, whimsical and refreshing.

Bella wrote about the award: "This one is meaningful to me in profound ways. Firstly, it was created in honor of Renee, one human being who has made such a difference in the lives of many just by being. Her honestly, wit, intelligence, and grit are a tremendous source of inspiration. She can elicit raucous laughter and guffaws in her banter, and then turn right around and offer the most heartfelt, gentle words of wisdom and emotional support. She is a spreader of love, simple and true. And her love is infectious."

I thought wow, who is this Renee that inspired this award, so I went to Renee's blog. I found when I went to Renee's blog she has stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer. My initial reaction was sadness, but then I started reading her blog and I found it inspiring and that she is a warrior. She talks about her strategies, her discovering the divinity within and experiencing inner peace. I realized quickly why Bella and Cez had created the award.

What a lovely award and I thank Pam for taking me on a journey to bloggers I wasn't familiar with, but that I will return to frequently.

Thank you all for stopping by and a special thank you to everyone that has given me an award in the past. I treasure each and every kind word and thought.

Have a great day and happy creating!


Sonia ;) said...

Off with her head...

Its all OK. We are busy lil bees. And it is hard to keep up with everything. I find posts I missed and am like...where the heck was I. I am going to attach a BWO banner to mine..Blogging Without Obligation. I always feel bad when I miss a comment or post.

Congrats on the award..Renee is a HOOT...Love her strength, charisma, and deserve this award.

Thanks for coming by my blog..Ya~~ I have been juggling day job, family, etsy shop getting opened and ART...OMG ahhhhhhhh...But I love it..some days more then others LOL...

You have a great day ok...and take a breather every so often..

Sonia ;)

PJ's talking... said...

You should get all the awards, your blog is always great, your work is outstanding! ~PJ

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you for your patience Sonia. The last few months and the months coming up will be busy ones so hang in there with me!! HA!

Hi PJ!!!! So glad you popped in and thank you for the generous comment!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, it is well deserved! ☺

yoborobo said...

It is well deserved! You are a busy, lovely, creative lady. I'm sending you a virtual chocolate bar! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laurie~your work is amazing! Warm regards~Kathy