Friday, July 31, 2009

"Arachnie" Pumpkin Almost Done!!

I've been painting the last several days because I just wanted a mental break from the clay. I think it is something we all go through...wanting to sculpt when we should be painting or wanting to paint when we should be sculpting. I just like to change it up every now and then. I really think it helps the creative juices to address an idea when it is beckoning us to a particular piece. Below is the first in a number of new Halloween and Vine pieces, Little "Arachnie" Pumpkin. This fellow loves his spiders and is shown with an asymmetrical vest with a spiderweb design on one side with a scalloped edge, and a straight edge on the opposite side with a spiderweb kerchief. I'm thinking he needs bling on his little bow tie so German glass glitter will be added this weekend. I also want to do a little bit more on his lip needs a little more definition in color.

Hope you liked the peek at this spider loving character....he tries to wear one everyday to go with his attire . (They do his tailor work after all!!)

Have a great weekend!


Phillane E'lee said...

Oh Laurie,
You are the only person I know who can make me want to see something with a spider on it and put it in my studio!
I got bit last night by one of the dirty buggers. I was so very ill.
I agree I should be sewing and I am playing a bit on the p.c. but doing a bit of work here as well. We do need to change it up from time to time. Have a great weekend!

Lynn Stevens said...

Your pieces are always so creative and have so much personality. Love um!

yoborobo said...

Laurie - he is fabulous as usual! :) I love his vest pocket, with the little web peeking out! And those hands!!

Jorge de Rojas said...

he looks great! I love the spider and bucket detailing. I know what you mean about going with the flow. sometimes you just can't push it despite what needs to get done.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe he needs any tweaking. He is looking good! Love his hand over his heart. You always have the right touch.
New address for me & new email! xo PJ

CBP said...

What an endearing Hallow's Eve Character!!
Cathy Pendleton

Linda said...

Hes absolutely brilliant, great Character. Lindax

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Glad my spider motif didn't scare you Pea!!

Thank you for stopping by Lynn!! know me and details and I love a good spider web...giggle!!

Jorge, I have to switch it up because some days I have a figure that just "needs" to be painted and the sculpting needs to wait. Are you going crazy yet with H & V approaching at too fast of a pace?!! I am!

PJ...a new address and heading!!! I need to come see your blog!

Cathy, So good to hear from you!!! I'm sort of a Halloween fanatic so as the season approaches expect to see some new characters!!

Hi Linda, thank you for stopping by!!

Well, it is time for me to get back to work. Had a pretty good afternoon and evening sculpting so I have details to sculpt on 11figures to finish up and then it is painting time!! Can you believe we are in August already? Yikes!!!!

Designs By CK said...

Popping in 2 say hello and wish you a great week!

SpOOky CK (-:


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Very Cool Laurie! :)
Love the new Logos to!