Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Squeal Squash

Yesterday you saw "Squish Squash", and today you get to preview his brother "Squeal." "Squeal" is the younger brother of "Squish", but unlike his brother he has legs to elevate him above the Squash family vine. This little guy assists "Squish" in protecting the vines from insects...he is sort of like the beaver tail alarm for the squash, using his sharp, high pitched cry that alerts his fellow squash of oncoming insect threats. This is something this little guy started to display while he was just a mere bump on the end of his bloom and it gave him his name "Squeal."

Wanting to be known for more than his ear piercing scream, "Squeal" decided to do something else associated with his name...yes, his attire is giving him away, he is a biker dude and he loves to accelerate quickly and "squeal" his rear tire. This isn't something his mother is proud of and hopes that he will outgrow, but in the mean time he wears his black leather boots and outerwear, and having watched old biker movies he also slicked his vine into a spit curl of sorts. "Squeal" thinks it makes him look a little more like a rebel. Silly little squash!

I still need to get some details finished on his boots and I may also give him a bucket, but I thought I would let you see how things are progressing.

My hands are getting better each day, but I learned something yesterday. While I was holding an unpainted figure that I had made from that batch of paper mache clay that irritated my hands so badly I started to feel a burn going again. I've decided its like a chemical burn...too acidic or too alkaline, it just doesn't like my skin. The minute the figures are sealed with paint I don't have a problem. I'm hoping my remaining 175+ pounds of fastmache aren't like the current bag I was attempting to use. Thank you all for your suggestions and recommendations on how to treat my sore little phalanges!!!

Have a great day!!


Diana said...

WOW...YOU are just amazing, to say the least...I love your creative mind, and wish I could come up with things have as ingenius:)

Fuzzy Brush said...

Oh, your Squeal is precious! I'd love to meet him coming down my path!
Sorry to say, I haven't read the comments about your hands but has anyone mentioned vinegar? It is the quickest way to remedy unbalanced PH on skin. It's great when you have a sunburn too. No peeling!

ilgirasogno Laura said...

fantastic work!!!

Bone*Head*Studios said...


lilia said...

Ciao,le tue creazioni sono una meraviglia. Brava !!!