Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bernhardt Bunny (alias Pinkie)

There has been pastel paint in my studio......oh my land!!!!! The little fellow below is "Bernhardt Bunny", but was given the nickname "Pinkie" last week by a very serious little boy. (Consequently, the name has sort of stuck with him.)

"Pinkie" is sculpted from paper-mache and paperclay, and has German glass glitter on his bow tie and gold tinsel surrounding the Easter egg carried in his paws. The body is painted in a highly decorative egg pattern with lots of circles, dots, horizontal stripes and diamonds adorning the surface. The same color scheme on his body is used to decorate the egg he carries, and if you look closely at his inner ear color, nose and eye color, you will see that the color palette continues onto his head. To tone down the pastels and give a more vintage feel the piece is finished with a burnt umber wash.

This little bunny will be on SpookyTime Jingles Friday night at midnight. (EST) Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!!

Have a great evening!!

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