Monday, February 1, 2010

"Weatherby Wabbit"

I'm working on some more members of the "Wabbit" family this week. I finished up "Weatherby", and think he turned out sort of charming. It has been fun to play with the pastel colors and German glass glitter on these figures. I haven't worked in pastels for a year so it is always nice to have a change. I also noticed that my pastel tones of this year are somewhat brighter than last year's colors. Isn't it funny how are taste can gradually change over time?

I'm painting on a new figure today and it is dealing me fits. I plan my color schemes ahead of time so it doesn't happen to me too often, but the face seems too washed out, the color isn't working for me, so I needed to get away from it for a few minutes... hence the posting. A tiny speed bump in the grand scheme of things.

Here is wishing you a great week!! Back to the studio table for me!


*retro-rudolphs* said...

Laurie, is charming and gorgeous to boot! Love his glittery bow tie too!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Lori...lots of hours in this little guy and I noticed you can't even see the hearts inside of the turquoise triangles in this view. He is a happy boy!

~Tonya said...

ADORABLE!! Laurie, I love ♥ your Wabbits and Weatherby is one good looking wabbit.

I love the look on his face.

I am sure you will figure out your dilemma, you always do.

You have a great week too.

Jorge de Rojas said...

wuv dat wabbit!

Chicken Lips said...

Two of my bunnies hit a speed bump as well - they almost became road kill! I've got to re-gesso and paint them again...ugh!

Your wabbit is adorable and a true inspiration for me to get mine done!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Tonya...glad you have confidence in me!!! giggle!

Thank you Jorge...maybe your bird and my bunny can dance together!!!

Oh I hear you David!! I tell you there are days when you look back over what you accomplished and it makes you a bit disappointed. Pinky is better today....he still needs a bucket, but he is better!

Thanks all for stopping by!!

kaniki's said...

Wabbit Season- Duck Season- Wabbit Season- Duck Season- NOOO- Waabbittt Season!!!!! :)

Tis the season!! Loving all the new goodies Laurie!! Always awesome!! :)

Kaniki's Prims & Whims...

The Crackling Crows said...

Laurie...your work is amazing...I love looking at your creations and adore your are a tru Artist!!!

Ivonne :)

Jackie said...

Love him!! Hope your class went well today :)Wished I lived closer.

Michelle Palmer said...

Such a fantastic piece!
Love it~
Wishing you the best...

yoborobo said...

I hope your fits are over, Laurie. :)) This little wabbit is wabulous! I love that sparkly tie and his sweet face. xo Pam

PEA said...

Love this little guy. He is so adorable as is all your work. I love the aqua color. My favorite combo is aqua and red. Striking and stunning but not really for Easter.

I am sure the project in question will turn out perfect. They always do. A break was the cure I am sure.
Have a wonderful week dear.