Thursday, February 25, 2010

WIP Update and My First Robin This Spring

WIP update...I'm gaining. Hats have been made, scepters sculpted, buckets pinched, faces added and second coats completed. I still have a lot to do to finish this group up, but I feel good about checking items off of my list. Speaking of list, I didn't use to create them. I'm finding now that lists keep me on track so they are now a part of my creative life. Do you create lists?

They don't look like much now, but I'm hopeful!!

This morning when I opened the door blind I was greeted by a robin (on the grape vine), a Eurasian collared dove (on the ground) and a group of house finch (everywhere). Why is this exciting? This is the first robin I have seen since winter started here, and the doves just returned to the yard the end of last week. I also heard them report that the first Sandhill cranes have arrived on the Platte River (just south of town) for their annual migration rest before starting north. We have about 4 good weeks of crane viewing and it is a sight to behold. They rise in groups off of the river in the morning and then return to the river in the evenings for overnight protection. The skies are filled in the morning and night and their ballet in the sky is something everyone should see at least once in their lives. Yes, there are crane fests, crane watch gatherings and the Rowe Sanctuary where you can have guided tours. Such a wonder of nature. Shhhh, I think Spring is coming

Have a great day all. I need to get back to this group of white clay misfits!!


Carolee said...

Oooooh - can't wait to see these completed!

The cranes sound beautiful. We get herons here. HUGE and impressive, but they unfortunately go after the koi. :(

Let's hope spring is around the corner (and after that, Halloween, hehe!)

~ Carolee

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Is that an apple head I see? Laurie, I am looking forward to seeing them completed - they are so very intriguing in their "raw" state... am loving the too tall hat too!

Yes, to lists (I need them or I forget) and I also think cranes are a sight to behold.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Carolee, fortunately, our herons usually stay down by the river here, but raccoons are our problem. I kept wondering what was injuring my big fantails and saw "Big Momma" showing her babies how to fish one night! Ahhhh!! Wonder what my neighbors thought when they heard me?

The cranes are a marvel. They do their "dances" here. Quite the spectacle.

You do see an apple head is a piece I'm working on for the Kearney Public School System's Foundation. Fundraiser coming up and I'm making them a piece.
The hat is too tall?....he thinks it is just right!! giggle!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I'd love to see those cranes! You have to post pictures someday. We have a huge snowgeese migration that happens near here and I went last year to check it out. It was really something to see and hear.

Liz Revit said...

Laurie, I love your work! I can't wait to see when your "white clay misfits" are finished! I always love to see works in progress, so thanks for sharing.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Jen, I'll try to get some shots this year. It is so funny to see them hopping up and down and spread their wings like they are dancing.

Liz, Well I get to paint tomorrow so hopefully I'll start making one or two of them look like something!!


*retro-rudolphs* said...

Hi Laurie, by too tall hat I meant it's VERY cool being tall... not that it was too tall by any means, it's simply perfection!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh Lori, not a problem...that's why I wrote "Giggle" behind my respoonse. I don't know when to stop with those darn hats!!! I measured and they just keep getting taller. It will have to stop somewhere though!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

wow! You've been busy! :-) I always love seeing everyone's work in this stage... ahhh... the possibilities! Everythings looking amazing! :-)

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say hello.

CK (-:

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

Laurie...I love seeing all your white characters! I do keep lists too, when I am doing too much at once, which is most of the time...especially during more hectic taking orders and shipping times...and I'd be LOST without g mail. I am hearing more birds here too although we keep a lot all winter here. It's been a cold one here for sure and I am fantasizing about spring! Love to see cranes...they look so prehistoric in flight.
Happy Creating!