Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Count Bunnicula ..... Peek

Yes, another month has flown by and it is almost time for another SpookyTime Jingles update!!!!! Friday night at midnight this little character, "Count Bunnicula," will be available. (oh, and a special thank you to William Bezek for giving this little bunny his name!!)

"Count Bunnicula" is a sleepy eyed little character because he really isn't a very good vampire. You see, this little fellow is vegetarian and stays up late, but he does sleep at night...just not very well and that is the reason for his sleepy look. Also, his favorite feedings come from carrots, broccoli, kale, lettuce and a variety of other garden delights, and it has been said he faints at the sight of blood. Nothing but carrot and celery juice for this little fellow to sip in the evenings!! "Count Bunnicula" is a harmless bunny that just happens to have fangs and consequently feels it is never too early to look forward to his favorite holiday...HALLOWEEN!!! (Even his "Easter" eggs have Halloween overtones.)

I'll post another figure tomorrow so you can see what else is coming up on the update!! It looks to be another great month over at STJ!!!

Have a great evening!


William Bezek said...

I guess the name stuck! I was sad to hear that you won't be doing H&V, you did so well I thought you would be there again.

Evelyn said...

Oh, he is wonderful! I hope I get to STJ on time to have a chance to purchase. Very very cute

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks for stopping by William...and yes, the name did stick!!! Travel and my body don't agree so by going to Ghoultide Gathering this year I cut two full days of driving off of the trip. Halloween and Vine was wonderful, but my recovery time when I got home went through December and I need to rebound faster to get back into the studio. I'm spending more time now on taking care of myself so that I become a better traveler!!

Thank you Evelyn!!! Good luck on Friday night...I've been peeking and the work looks really good!!!