Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Decorations...Kitty Toys?!!

I leave some Halloween decorations up year round in our house, but I have also discovered the decorations can't be kept too low this year due to 2 naughty little creatures lovingly referred to as the "monkey-boys" by my husband. Yes, it would be Elwood and Jake, the two very spoiled "monkey-cats." The minute I started moving some of the figures off of the top of the china cabinet, Elwood was on the arm of the love seat and Jake was on Kelly's leather chair. I could see their little wheels turning trying to figure out what would fit in their little mouths they could run off with, what would fly to the floor with one good whack or how can I walk through all of this without knocking anything over and make Laurie crazy?!!, I took the photos and put everything back up!!! The good news is I know they will grow out of this as our other cats did, but I don't want to come home some afternoon and find a half chewed pumpkin like the Kachina Doll I discovered when Glycerin was a year old. I was ready to find her a new home I was so angry...and she had gotten it off of the top of the china cabinet where I just put....this will be short, I better go move some more small items off of the top of the china cabinet!!

Stacked pumpkins by Carol Rickenecher; pumpkin rabbit and pumpkin head on ear-of-corn body by Deb Schoch (HopHopJingleBoo), ghoul ornament by Dani Nelson (Ambitions Design). The rest are odds and ends from my inventory.

Need to go move a few things!! Happy creating!
New WIP tomorrow!!


~Tonya said...

Love it all Laurie! I have yet to pull my things out for autumn. Of course I have my Skelly out from you and my things from Dani. :)

Your odds and ends...well, they are simply wonderful!

Thanks for sharing.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

oh my! that 'rabbit' looks familiar..ha! looks like he went to a nice home!