Monday, September 22, 2008

"Monkey-Cats' Street Halloween" Ornament

As many of you know I have two silly long tailed cats that joined our family just about this time last year. They helped ease us through the pain of losing our beloved Nitro, and quickly overtook our house and my studio. They steal my paint brushes, drink from my brush-cleaning water, nap on my work table, walk through wet paint, and ....well, they are pure and utter joy as well. When I started working on the second Halloween ornament I dedicated it to the nature of these two wild and crazy animals that entertain, infuriate and give pleasure to my spirit. This is the "Monkey-Cats' Street Halloween" ornament dedicated to all true Halloween cats.

The ornament is a 4" papier mache ball with a wire hanger painted with a spider web around the top, bordered in orange. The first view shows the lovely "Miss Moon" illuminating the night scene and smiling down on Monkey-Cats' Street. She measures 1/2" and why I decided to paint a face on her on an irregular surface is beyond me!! The houses under Miss Moon on Monkey-Cats' Street, are not framed like normal houses and angle oddly as though they could pull up from their foundations and join the nights festivities...I just know they could dance with those two crazy felines. I thought of Dr. Seuss as I worked around the ornament and wondered what he would think.

There are lots of stars and swirls in the sky, three trees in the border design, six houses and fences, pumpkins and a monster to greet you at the door of one home.

One of two trees is shown below.

The mansion in the neighborhood has stars flying out the chimney.

Pumpkins sit on the porches of many of the homes.

One home has a special greeter at the door...BOO!!

And Miss Moon has her close up!!!

Hope you like it!!!

Off to go see the steam engine which I will post tomorrow if we get good pictures!!



Designs by CK said...

MAN Laurie ~ I would LOVE to get one of these from you!!!

Where will you be offering them & can I get 1st dibs??? LOL

Have a great week!


Ginny Diezel said...

Simply amazing! How in the WORLD do you do it? Each piece you create is a feast for the eyes!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you CK and Ginny. I had more fun with the crazy houses on this piece. If my cats could pick a home I think their little brains would favor the houses on this ornament. They are a kick!!

I'm leaning toward putting these on SpookyTime Jingles for October. Think there is a market?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!!!
Luv It!.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh Sheila, thank you for stopping by. As tiny as some of your little figures are (like my mini Santa you sent me) you understand this detail dilemma of working small on a lumpy surface!! Do you think we are crazy?!!

Tootie said...

Wow Laurie this ball is so rich with detail and I love how you stuck to the traditional colors. It's both whimsical and wicked!

Anonymous said...

No, we aren't crazy!!! Just up for a new challenge. Are you considering doing these ornaments for Christmas as well???
(ihope ihope ihope) :-)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you Melissa!!

Sheila, I think you can read my mind---HA!!


~Tonya said...

Wow Laurie, to paint such detail on such a small surface...Simply amazing.

You do such wonderful work and have been inspired by your two crazy neat!

Love the story you wrote to go with it.

Have yourself a great day.

Nancy said...

Hi Laurie...This ornament is just amazing. Beautiful imaginative and whimsical. Love it!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Tonya and Nancy thank you both. I want to do the orange one next but I'm up to my eyeballs in other work that needs to be done so :-( I may have to burn some midnight oil!!

Kristin Joy said...
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