Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sliver and Boo-loon

Sliver and Boo-loon are ready for the carnival. Because Sliver's Mom has been watching the political conventions she dressed her two youngest boys in vests with ties...Sliver's tie is definitely on the conservative side, but don't let his attire fool you!!! Sliver is, well,... Sliver is just naughty!! The single tooth missing in both Gourdon's and Slice's smiles is because of Sliver and his antics.

A little closer look at Sliver holding Boo-loon. Boo-loon is not a good influence on Sliver and smiles at the pranks and practical jokes Sliver plays on others while looking rather harmless himself.

Sliver's smile is flawless and he uses his handsome good looks to charm the unaware.

Sliver is also laughing at the witch joke the brothers had just been told and holds his belly to contain his laughter.

Sliver squints slightly when he laughs which makes him all the more adorable to the young pumpkin girls at the carnival.

A close up view of Boo-loon. He loves traveling with Sliver to be amused by his mischievous string holder's tricks.

Sliver's base also has a cemetary gate entrance painted on the front of his paper mache base. All three brothers are hand sculpted without the use of molds with FastMache sculpting material with wood dowel legs.

All three will be available SEPTEMBER 13, on SpookyTime Jingles marketplace. They each have a different look and personality so they can work well as a group or individually. Hope you like the boys!!!!!


Designs by CK said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! :)

New favorites!!!

PS: I would love it if you got some of my pieces down the road. '-)


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Your pieces continue to amaze me....AND I love reading your stories that you write about them!!

Ginny Diezel said...

How DO you do it? You have beyond a magic touch! What a wonderful gift!

Laurie Hardin said...

I'm so glad you like naughty Sliver!! Chris, it will happen...I was so excited I had extra mola this month and then my CRI order came in and I was in the hole again :( You have the best cards and what a mind you have!!!!

Ginny and Marie...oh you guys have me so anxious to see the next STJ pages!!!! I love the work and the artists in this group and you are what makes it rock!!

Thank you all for stopping by!!

The Monkey-Cats Keeper

Jackie said...

I just love looking to see what you simply amaze me. When you put paint on the pieces, they come alive :) Can't wait to see all your goodies for STJ, take care jackie