Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry, it isn't a WIP!!

I know I told you I would post a WIP tomorrow, but I got my EHAG piece finished tonight and wanted to give you a sneak peek prior to the ebay posting.

The Eclectic Halloween Artist Group's (EHAG) creative art challenge this month is tricky treats and creepy confections with the ebay auctions to begin on October 3. Since I am participating in the challenge I had to come up with something and the figure below is the result of my interpretation of the challenge..."Sneak"--snatching a scary sucker from a sackful of squeamish sugary sweets. I have to thank my husband for the alliteration in the title of the work, he had too much fun with this one!!

"Sneak" is 13.5" high and is on a 2.5" x 2.5" base. He is made from Fastmache, wire, styrofoam and papier mache and painted with acrylic paints. He is full of detail and a little darker in feel than some of my other figures because of the frown seen in Sneak's brow.

Sneak is carrying an orange Trick or Treat bag with bats and the moon decorating the front and has as his night's take; a sugar skull, worms with white eyes, candied eyeballs, angry candy corn swinging from the handle, a snarling cupcake, a swirl sucker with a sinister grin and an orange striped candy cane.

"Sneak" snatched the mummy sucker from the bag because his sweet tooth started screaming for some treats and in the process of biting down on the sucker he lost his sweet tooth (hence, his missing tooth)...it saved the mummy sucker , but it explains Sneak's frown!! Now he is carrying his mummy sucker like a scepter on Halloween night and the sucker grins at unsuspecting trick or treaters.

If he rings my doorbell on Halloween night I might not open my door---pretty nasty looking little fellow!! HA!

Happy Creating!


Melissa Valeriote said...

Every time I think you can't do any better, you blow me away with something like this! SOOOOOOooooo cool!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I am wild about the bag of treats!!! Especially that angry candy corn.

*retro-rudolphs* said...

LOVE IT... and all his creepy accoutrements too!


Ginny Diezel said...

I say ditto to what Melissa wrote. Honestly, how in the world do you DO it? So imaginative, so full of mischief, so much fun to look at!

Lance said...

wow, they just keep getting better and better; this could be one of your best!! I love it!!

The Smiling Goat said...

O.K. I'm ready to bid!!! Absolutley adorable in a spooky way! Love the little santa down below too. Can't wait for more!!


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thank you all so much. It means a lot to me that you took the time to post a comment.

This little guy has a bunch of detail, but it was such fun to sculpt and paint. The challenges are really good for me to make me think outside of my box and comfort zone!! Candy corn will never be the same to me.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

That is just incredible!!! Happy October 1st!!! Stop by see halloween!

Robert said...

AWESOME!!!There will be a bidding war over this one I am sure!!!Love all of the little treats!! Robert

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Marie--love your blog post!!

Robert, thank you so much for the auction forecast...wouldn't it be wonderful if you were right!! I can dream!

Again, thank you all for your generous comments and I need to thank the EHAG members for coming up with such a fun challenge. Wait until you see the other works!! Melissa did a tiered cake, CK has a great jaw breaker and Lori has a fabulous skeleton figure with bats. Creepilicious!!
Happy EHAG shopping!


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

He is AMAZING!!!! Your work blows my mind it's so good!!!!!

Johanna Parker said...

Amazing work once again Laurie! This character is perfect for the EHAG challenge!...... Some lucky someone out there will be tickled to take this goodie home!

~ Johanna

Jennifer said...

Awesome challenge piece!!!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Jenny, I could say the same thing about your pieces missy...can't wait to see your Oct. STJ works. Loved you car this month.

Johanna, I was hoping California was really good to you last weekend at Halloween and Vine. The mineral springs looked very inviting!! Thanks for your generous comment!

Jennifer, your new signs and paperclay piece are soooooo good!! Good luck with the auctions this week!