Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Wonderful Artists!!

Wow, this past week has been amazing!!! We had a really good opening at the Christmas Tree Farm, and it is always such fun to see the little ones run through the trees to pick out "their" tree. They tend to favor the little trees and one little boy wanted to take home a newly planted tree...his parents had told him to pick a little one because their space was limited and so he did!! They did manage to convince him they could get one a little bit bigger.

Then I get an email from an artist that I admire so much and he wants my mailing address. This is what came in the mail yesterday--LUCKY ME!!!!!! Oh Chris, "Father Hallomas" is just the best and I love how the snow flakes look spider like. What a great spooky-sweet image down to the little ghosty in Santa's pocket. (It takes a talent to photograph a flat image and I tried really hard so hope this does the print justice.) The artist is Chris Klinger from Designs by CK and you must, must go look at his blog and his fabulous work. Chris is always listing on eBay so go get yourself an original for Christmas!!! Thank you CK--You are the BEST!!! I owe you one!!

Then last week I had another special treat---adorable Jackie Lauger of Fat Jak Originals happened to be on her way to Colorado for Thanksgiving and was driving past Kearney so she was sweet enough to agree to stop by for a few minutes (2 hours). She took my little delivery and we talked and talked while her sweet husband and 3 children watched a movie. The whole family looks like the pictures you see in the stores selling frames--just all too cute and charming!!!! Sometimes I feel like I live in a vacuum out here so it was so great to have a one-on-one with another clay artist.

Jackie, thank you and your family for taking the time to stop for the visit, information sharing, showing me your WIPS and for just being a doll!!!! Oh, and a big thanks from the Mister in my house for the weeble-like Santa you made and so generously gave me to give to him. It is currently on the hearth with CK's art.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he lives in the hearts of Chris and Jackie!!

Have a great day and happy creating!



Designs by CK said...

Hi Laurie,

What a FUN post and glad you are happy with your new SpOOky "Santa!"

Merry Hallomas EARLY!!!

Chris :-)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Chris, you are a wonderful person and your generosity is inspiring!!! I have the new piece out on display and will keep it out year round. What a great surprise!! Thank you again.

Jackie said...

Oh Laurie...your too kind! I had such a nice time chatting with you...couldn't believe we talked for 2 hours...time flies when your having fun :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, talk to you soon! Jackie