Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sharing Some Of What I Collect

Today our temperatures are in the single digits again with light snow so this is an indoor day!!! I had told you that I would show you some of the originals I have collected over the years and since I am in for the day it seemed like the perfect day to do this. This is a shelf of Santa, Father Christmas and Belsnickel figures that are wood carvings from 2 Nebraska carvers, Kevin Baxter and Dan Kuklis, with the addition this year of a Janell Berryman "Reindeer Santa". There are several ornaments laying on their sides on the shelf because the monkey-cats take joy in knocking them down and running off with them. I thought before they chewed on them and made me very upset I would just put them up and wait until they grow out of the crazy cat stage.

This little shelf just makes me smile and they are up all year long. Hope they serve as some eye candy for you and inspire you to buy handmade originals as they inspired me to do!!!!

Off to mix some clay so happy creating all!!


Robert said...

Love your Santa collection, and that shelf is perfect for them!!! Robert :)

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Thanks Robert, I got that shelf in Cameron, Missouri, at this shop I think you would love from your photos I have seen. My sister took me up there one day and hubby carried out the shelf to me and simply said, "Santa shelf." That was it. Great shop!!!

Jackie said...

What a great collection! Hope your staying warm. Happy Creating, Jackie

Designs by CK said...

Lovely display shelf & goodies Laurie!

Wishing you & yours a most magical holidays!!!

SpOOky CK (-: