Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Frenzy!!!

Whew, I almost have everything finished I need to paint before Christmas...just one or two things left, not 9 or 10 so I am taking a minute to exhale. Aahhhhh!!!

Time management....does anyone have the answer for a right-brained artist? I know what deadlines are, I meet deadlines, at least I use to meet deadlines. This late fall going into the Christmas season has sent me whirling with both my work and the addition of the tree farm plus a wee health scare that went on for 4 weeks and turned out fine. I hate asking for extensions and I have had to ask twice.

I can't seem to gauge the length of time a piece will take me to paint, even when I can see in my brain what it is going to look like. Since each piece is new and different I seem to underestimate what speed I can actually finish within. Anyone else suffer from this? Is there a solution? I can't set a deadline and say it is done when my eye says, "Oh no it isn't!!"

Please share your thoughts with me on this. Outside of elves that I have been asking for over the last 2+ months, I don't have a solution!!!

Oh, one more thing... SpookyTime Jingles updates December 13!!!! Just in time for us to box and ship you a new Jingle or little Spook as a gift!!

Sneak peek tomorrow!!


PJ's talkin'.... said...

Laurie, just reading that made me tired! It's amazing how long some pieces take, when you thought you'd just zip thru them. Especially if it rains, and the paint won't dry. ~PJ

Nancy said...

I used to be so organized...always ready for anything. Now, I feel terrible when I can't get things done on time. I am not sure what it is...I set goals, and always have the best of intentions...but I am finding things taking longer now. I think part of it is that I have so many pieces going on in my head...and I want to move on to the next I guess I am thinking too far ahead...and not focusing on the now.
Makes me tired just writing this!!

I have vowed to be more "with it" in 2009!

You are definitely not alone...

Wishing you much peace and happiness this holiday season Laurie! I have enjoyed getting to know you through blogging!