Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh My Land---Brrrr Cold!!

I just got home from mailing out some spooks and jingles and I cannot believe the difference 2 days has made in our temperatures here. Last night we had -25 degree wind chill, and the day before I was outside without a coat on. We were at -7 degrees when Kelly went to work this morning, and at noon we were having a heatwave of 0. Tomorrow the chill continues with an 80% chance of snow. This is headed east/northeast so look out if you live in that direction. Well, at least it will be "Christmasy" here!!!

I have one figure left on STJ, a cute little snowman by the name of "Ima Giftgiver" . If you have a snowman collector in your family, he would make a nice addition. He is a charming little character with a hint of the potential to be naughty, so go take a peek !!

Mixing clay today to start on some new pieces!!!
Stay warm and happy creating!!


Marie Patterson Studio said...

brrr that's cold!!!
come see my gift give-away!!!

Chicken Lips said...

Wow - that IS cold! Sometimes I'm thankful I live in CA! Congratulations on all the pieces sold on STJ - you rock!

Robert said...

Please stop by
I need your help! Robert