Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4 Days Old

The blog is officially 4 days old and I need to get back to my work in the studio, but I wanted to put up just a few more visuals and then you won't be seeing new things for a few days. My sketchbook runneth over and my hands need to touch something other than a keyboard!! Anyway, it was suggested to me to put some close-up shots of some of the "boys" carrying lanterns, and then I was asked where my "girls" were.

The SHOCK and HORROR...Do you know that I have hardly any female figures?! I am female, I have sisters and girlfriends...I need to fix this!!

ABOVE is a close up of Robert. You can see the boo buttons I paint on almost all of my Halloween figures. (and the need for Robert to have a dental plan)

RIGHT: "Bug-Eyed Jack"

LEFT Alfred's collar is much less "groomed" than the other two.
RIGHT "Punkinhead Harry"

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Doll Artist Deb Wilkinson said...

Ha ha! I have just the oppositive problem. I seem to only make female or non-gender things. Isn't it funny how we just naturally veer more toward one than the other. I have a daughter so maybe that's why . . .

But no worries, your art is great!! Girls or no girls.