Monday, June 16, 2008

Pumpkin Plaques

This is one of the new pumpkin plaques designed to hang on a wall. He measures 15" across x 9.5" high and is 3" deep measured to the tip of his nose . He was fun to sculpt and thanks to using an oven he did not warp a bit.
Below is the larger wall plaque shown with the smaller free-standing pumpkin plaque, measuring 8.25" across x 5" high and is also 3" deep including the papier mache stand attached on the back

Close up of the small plaque to the right.

The sun did come out today so I was able to photograph more of the work for posting and also had a conversation with Mary, the author that is writing about the "Pumpkin Ball" paintings. There may be some changes in names of some of the characters in the paintings, which I will correct, and I have inspiration from her to paint for a year...or two, get the idea. She is a muse. It is thrilling to work with someone so creative that it makes you stretch your mind and artistic capabilities.


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Melissa Valeriote said...

Hi Laurie. LOVE your work! So whimsically creative. I'll add your link to my blog as well. Where are you selling your pieces?