Monday, June 16, 2008

Weather and the Punkin Ball Paintings

Got up this morning and it is raining so I won't be taking photographs for the business today. Which reminds me, I have noticed many bloggers showing beautiful photographs of their gardens and lawns. Our community had three tornadoes come out of the thunderstorm, shown below, the end of last month and I don't have a single hosta or lilypad that doesn't have holes in it from hail or is just pretty flat to the ground so no pretty garden photos from me. We were very lucky, only lost 3 sides of our privacy fence (that landed on the hosta beds and killed a grapevine) and the shingles off of the west side of the roof. We have tornado watches and warnings so often I'm afraid we get a bit cavalier and when the outdoor warning sirens go off we tend to go outside and look to see why. I'm not saying that is a smart idea, I'm just telling you that is what we do. I knew when I saw the clouds rotate back west when they had previously been all moving north that the cats, my husband and I were all headed for the basement; by the way, I viewed a much more up-close and personal view of this storm from our living room window, I was not outside being a "Looky Lou". When we lost power and heard the banging we both kind of looked at each other (we had flashlights) and we just hoped for the best that we still had a roof, house and that family, friends and neighbors were safe.
Okay, enough about that. I wanted to post a few more items so I will change my thought process. Below is another painting, "Jack, Jake and the Jester." It is an 8" x 10" image, (12" x 14" framed) acrylic on canvas board and is part of the Punkin Ball series I started this spring.

Of course the Jake in this painting is one of the two "monkey cats" we have, and like a typical cat would not look at me when I would ask him to so I could use his face as a reference. They know, don't they!!

Below is "Vincent DaPunkin with Yo-Mo the Spider", who is a cousin (I think) to Sir Hallow of Eve (shown on the right hand side of the blog). I need to verify that with a friend that is writing a story to go with the paintings because I wouldn't want to mess up the family lineage!

Vincent is also 8" x 10" and framed measures 12.5" x 14.5"(I like this new frame on these images)...acrylic on canvas board.

That's it for today...oh, except I need to thank everyone for the encouragement, support and assistance in putting all of this together, especially my husband who is a saint to let me do this in the first place.

Happy creating!



vintagepaletteart said...

Oh man........your paintings are amazing! I love the frame that you used too!

And that pic of the tornado!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! We get them here in Ohio once in while, but never anything that compares to THAT monster!!!!!!

Run for cover! I'm glad that you made it through that safe!


Kim Hardt Originals said...

Your painting is wonderful. You have a talent for sure girl!! Must of been all that past experience!!!!! Glad you have decided to take the plunge and sell your Art. You will do well.


Rebecca said...


I'm so glad to have discovered your blog. THank you so much for adding me to your links! I had to comment on this photo as my husband came back home a couple weeks ago from a business trip & they drove through Nebraska, encountering awful storms & baseball sized hail. They had to wait out one storm in a gas station. The photos he got were spooky although NOTHING like this photo.

I'm gonna add you to my list of Stellar Artisans. Your artwork is FANTASTIC. I'm so glad to have discovered it!