Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better and the Best!!

Have you ever made something, decided it was finished, but you keep looking at it and you know it isn't right? That was the fate of poor "Disc Jacky." On Saturday I had decided that something needed to be done with the initial "hair" I had put on him because it just didn't work for me. I thought I still wanted to try feathers so yesterday I went feather shopping again and found a soft downy black feather. I pulled out the first feather toupee and put on the new feathers and then added a hat and raffia tie. I'm much happier with the results and it feels like it was the right thing to do. He seems better now.

His smile and twinkle in his eye seem better too!!

Now on to something truly fun, wonderful and just the best surprise!! I have been amazed the last 6 weeks with the amount of correspondence and phone calls this little ole' blog has led to. I have had lots of fun emailing one person in particular, a sweet, very talented women in Oklahoma, by the name of Sheila Jacobson. Sheila just makes me laugh. We have swapped clay and painting experiences and also found out we both were familiar with a fishing method called noodling. They had a noodling competition recently in her town and Sheila bought a noodling t-shirt as a give-away for her blog. I won the t-shirt!!! Yesterday this box comes to my house addressed to me and I see the return address and say to my husband, "oh, it's that t-shirt I won!" I open the box, read a very nice note that didn't make complete sense to me, but hey, that's me, and then pulled out the t-shirt to find a little cellophane bag wrapped inside with crinkle filler and this ornament. Isn't that just the best!!!! Suddenly the note made perfect sense. The moon is lovely and has delicate perfectly shaped lips and then look at Santa!! He is 1.75" tall and has all of this detail and a .50" tall bag at his side. Unbelievable!! I'm sorry Sheila, but the ornament beat the t-shirt hands down!!! HA!!! I love this not just because it is adorable, but because it was made by Sheila for me and comes from the heart. THE BEST GIFT!!! I will treasure it always.
To see more of Sheila's works go to my Favorite's List on the right and you will find her under the name "Pieces of Me". Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!


sheila said...

Love Jackies new do!!!
So glad you liked the ornament, you are so welcome.
I thank you for all the helpful hints and tips and fun emails!!
Isn't blogging fun??

Nancy said...

Oh, I like the new Disc Jacky...love the new "hair"! I have to say...he does take on a whole new personality.

And your little ornament...how sweet. Lovely little piece.

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

~dani~ said...

Oh that ornament from SHeila is awesome!! I am soo envious. Her Santa's are so super sweet, I love them all.

Great job on the additions to disco boy!!

Designs by CK said...

Popping in to say hello. Hope you are having a great week! :)