Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Disc Jacky"

Something new for me!! I'm starting on a new series of hanging disk figures and this is the first of 8 sculpted buddies I have planned. His name is "Disc Jacky." (I know, I know, but I couldn't resist the name.) I thought the figures would be smaller, but little oh me still ended up with a 13" long figure from the tip of the boot to the top of the head, so calling them an ornament isn't accurate. They are made of wire, paperclay, and a paper mache disk.

Below is a close up of the DJ's face, bat-bow tie and sculpted little hands. Those hands were fun and relatively easy to sculpt, and I love the way paperclay lets me do that level of detail. I didn't do fingernails though, but it would be possible with this clay. I got my new order of paperclay yesterday so I'm good to go for combining celluclay and paperclay on an upcoming piece.

Hope he makes you smile!! Have a creative day!


sheila said...

Oooohhhhh, he is going to be so cute!!!

Nancy said...

Hi Laurie...

He is going to be wonderful! All of your work is fabulous!

I have never tried celluclay...but paperclay is wonderful.

Have fun creating!
Hugs, Nancy

Melissa said...

Hey Laurie! You've been busy! Last time I checked the little elf was in progress then...poof...he's finished, along with a few others. BRAVO! Send some of your creative energy my way!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

What a clever idea! Love the detail in the hands!