Thursday, July 17, 2008

Starbrite is Done!!

Update from this morning. Starbrite is done and is ready for next months SpookyTime Jingles artists' marketplace. I added some detail, painted a jingle bell and holly leaf on the base, and gave it some antique glaze and we are calling him finished.

Detail of Starbrite shows the little elf holding a small and medium candy cane in his hands, his painted ruffled collar, spotted top with 2 clay pompons, stocking cap with 3 red stipes, and a smile from ear to ear. He's so excited about his candy canes he almost falls off his perch!!

He isn't the least bit ghoulish is he?
Have a creative afternoon and evening!!


Designs by CK said...

TOO Cute Laurie! :)


Krissysart said...

Absolutely fantastic. Ghoulish? Naaaaaaaahhhhh.....
I LOVE halloween art. I'm hoping to get some going soon, myself. Would love to add you to my blogroll, if you don't mind!

Annie said...

awwwwwwwwww just too adorable he is!
I love him!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Adorable!!

Heather said...

How fun! You're really getting into the christmas spirit!~

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Laurie~
Your elf is adorable!

Have a great weekend,

CCs Whimsies said...

I believe he is good enough to eat Laurie! I love him!!!!