Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Gone Batty"

I received a note yesterday about me being busy and I have been busy, but it really is that darn paperclay!! The paperclay has made me faster because it dries so much quicker than my beloved textural celluclay. It is also allowing me to "play" a bit more because it lets me do detail and light weight forms that I couldn't do in the celluclay. What I have also discovered is this is making my mind work overtime coming up with ideas to push the limits of the material. I had my head on the pillow last night and I found myself thinking about what I might be able to do on the next piece...the wheels are turning!! It is a nice place to be.

Below is a new piece called "Gone Batty." I had the celluclay head because I didn't like it on another piece and replaced it with a new head, and I made a small paperclay bat on wire and decided he needed to be buzzing the poor little pumpkin head. The little bat has fangs so obviously he is a vampire bat and I'm sure that makes the pumpkin just a tad nervous.

Below is another view of the pumpkin head watching the bat closely. This view also shows the paper mache box base painted with pumpkins, bats and a fence going around the entire form better than what you can see in the top photograph. The pumpkin collar is made of colored raffia and forms a nice cushion for the pumpkin to throw his head back on as the bat swoops down at him. The piece is 10" high to the top of the bat and you can gently move the bat on the wire to your liking. He will be available in August on SpookyTime Jingles.

Working on a painting and "Disc Jacky" today so I had better go jump in the shower and get my day going.
Have a great day cruising the blogs and creating!!


Anonymous said...

Luvitluvitluvit! Isn't it fun to be so excited about this stuff that you can't get your brain to turn off at night? Can't wait to see what's next!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Laurie ~ I am SO happy for you that you were accepted into our lovely EHAG group!!! You will love it there and we'll take good care of you!

Your artwork will be a BIG HIT on eBay, and I wish you much success with your art!

EHAG Moderator Chris :)

~dani~ said...

Oh, don't I know it! After trying paperclay I was hooked. I have a serious paperclay addiction. You can do anything to it, it is sooo stinking strong and takes paints like it was born to. Enjoy it. But be careful, there are no paperclay rehab facilities that I know of, so you will have to self medicate between lack of sleep and playing with paperclay. I have written Betty Ford for help...she has yet to respond ;(

Carolee said...

Ooooooh - LOVE this piece!! Paperclay is sooooooooo much fun. :)

~ Carolee