Monday, April 27, 2009

What do you think?

Okay, what do you think? I thought I was going to put a handle on this pumpkin, but when I finished painting him yesterday and put him on a base to dry, I said, "Do I really need to put a handle on him?" So my husband responded with, "No, he needs a lid." What?!!!! That wasn't an option I offered so where did that come from? After looking at it, I thought it would be cool with a lid that had a curled stem handle to lift off. So what do you think?

Poor little "Otto" is confused now!

The next post I do will be my 200th will happen this week so keep an eye on my blog to enter the giveaway!!

Have a great day...and help me out with Otto if you would!

Friday, April 24, 2009

This Is Post 198...Just One More Before The Giveaway Announcement

I thought I would have another post up earlier this week, but I just couldn't get my fingers out of the clay except to have a paint brush in my hand to put some paint on a couple of the following WIPs. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to sculpt, and that is why it is always a good idea for me to have some dried figures to paint on when those days hit. Yesterday, I covered 22 egg shaped paper mache forms (18 small and 22 of the eggs is on my table getting it's wire hanger attached in case you are counting and find one missing in the photo.)

I have a new witch started, a new vampire figure (short and round), a pumpkin head boy with an over sized head, a skelly and a new "witchy-poo" figure with the face and body on one form with long hanging arms (she has little bat wings too). Below is the first gourd container I have made. I started it a month ago and put paint on it this week just to see if it was working for me, so it isn't completed in paint yet and it also needs a handle.

And then there was my surprise this week!!!! That little Sonia of The Dark Ravens Nest sent me the adorably wrapped gifts she had made me (below). The little "finger" box (it has the hole cut in the bottom for you to put your finger through to scare little ones when you open great-nephews will love this when I show it to them!!!) with a lovely little angelic face on top, and then if that wasn't enough she sent me one of her sculpted black sheep (very appropriate for me). Both of these items came in a really cute carry-out style box covered with lots of purses and shoes that has a cute quote, "You can never have too many purses or girlfriends." Not a bad philosophy!! THANK YOU Sonia!!!!

Hope you all had a joyous and productive week !

Oops, one more reminder...I will be doing a giveaway to celebrate my 200th post. If you like what you see when I post the piece you can sign up for it by following my blog (right column, click on the white follow button) or by sending me an email the week of the post for those of you that do not have blog accounts.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you Candy!!!

I got something in the mail on Saturday, from Candy at Howling Moon Designs !! Candy had my name as part of the EHAG annual swap, and being a sweety, she sent me my piece early...which, for those of you who REALLY know me is about the best thing in my book not to have to wait another 4 weeks. I was one of those children that tried to peek at wrapped Christmas packages, couldn't wait for my birthday each year, and just flat out likes anything wrapped. Well, I'm telling you this (I apologize Candy) because in my thrill of unwrapping my gift, I failed to take pictures of the lovely tissue paper and tie Candy placed around my piece, and I took it off like a three-year-old! Oops!

Here she is!!! Candy sent me a lovely witch with a skull scepter....and look at her little fingers with black nail polish. I put her out on the table and within minutes she was discovered by Jake, so she is now up on top of one of the china cabinets out of reach!! Isn't she adorable?!!!! Thank you Candy...I just love surprises!!

This is post 197, which means 200 is quickly approaching so you have plenty of time to sign up as a follower before my giveaway. Heather left me a comment and wasn't sure how to follow so here are the directions. On the right side of my blog just below a few examples of my Halloween paintings is a box that is the Google follow box. If you have a blog account you just click on the white button that says "Follow" and it takes you through the steps to become a follower. Very easy!! Hope that helps.

I hope your Monday and week are filled full of wonderful surprises like mine and happy creating!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two Ornaments and Upcoming Giveaway

Well, I had planned on doing a giveaway in June, on the anniversary of starting my blog, but then I realized I am quickly approaching my 200th blog posting so I will be doing a giveaway for that in the next couple of weeks. It is going to be easy to register for the giveaway...just sign up as a follower and I will count all of those along with any comments I receive during the giveaway posting. For those of you that follow my blog, but do not have a blog account, I will accept email entries as well. Stay tuned, this is going to come up VERY shortly!!

I finished painting two little egg shaped ornaments last night. They are the size of a hen's egg, so they are small, but I had fun painting them so there will be more coming up. Hope you like them!

Well, I have clay mixed so I better get back to work...have a great week all!


Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope all of you had a great Easter weekend and were able to spend it with family and loved ones. This time of year marks a period of regrowth and new beginnings, and this year is no different, except maybe I'm not taking things for granted as much as I did a few years ago. I'm finding I take pleasure and I'm more thankful for even the simpliest of things, and I'm feeling very hopeful about this country. I know that may not make sense with the economy still in turmoil, but with the warmer winds of spring and the greening of the landscape it all makes me feel energized and excited. I wish that feeling for everyone because hope and joy can be very powerful things and it can't help but give you balance in your life.

Something new to begin the week...."Elwood, All in Black." With the completion of this piece our cats have all been created and completed in papier mache. Elwood is the comic of our cat clan and runs throwing his back legs in the air like a new colt. He just makes me laugh and seems to know just when to coming flying in to see me as if to say, " Take a break, I need my head scratched!" He is also the smallest of our three cats, which was recently explained to us by our vet because Elwood has asthma. It may make him a smaller cat, but it doesn't seem to slow the little guy down at all. Elwood also smiles...yes, he really smiles!

Our Elwood actually has more white on him then painted in this piece and that is the reason for the title of the work..."Elwood, All in Black. "

His ball shaped body sits on the top of a wood base painted with a Halloween landscape. The ball can be removed from the base or rotated and angled to suit it's placement in anyone's living room or Halloween gallery space.

I hope he gives you a smile. Have a great day and week!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Updates Tonight

That's right, all those artists at STJ will have their pages updated with Halloween and Christmas goodies just after midnight (EST)!! I only have 3 offerings this month, "Halloween Calico", "Wilhelmina" and "Count Vacula," plus I have a Halloween Egg available on eBay, with the auction ending Monday (tomorrow).

Go give the STJ artists a look...I'm sure there is something you will find that you just can't live without!!! I have a SpookyTime Jingles link in the right column to take you directly to the marketplace.

Good luck on getting that special piece you want and hope you have had a Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Count Vacula

Well, that SpookyTime Jingles update is quickly approaching and there will be a new character in the mix...."Count Vacula". (No, it isn't a typo.) Poor little guy has a tremendous overbite and when he talks he frequently punctures his lover lip with his vampire fangs so his name comes out Vacula. He is a lovely shade of green as he doesn't feed on human blood, but adores broccoli which has affected his pigmentation. He also has long spindly fingers interlocked over his chest (just off center) and wears a lovely spider brooch....or is it wearing him?!

The Count also has on a large collar and coordinating bat bow tie and matching bat button.

Out of all of the figures I have painted, his face is one of the most "painterly" faces with interlocking color that I have ever done. I really wish the photograph showed it more clearly, but alas I am more a painter than a photographer. (sigh)

I will show back shots of Wilhelmina and the Count coming up because there are scalloped edges to their capes that make them a little more special when you turn the pieces around!!

Well, Easter is only a few short days away and hubby and I are celebrating our 31st anniversary tomorrow night at Bella Italia (great Italian restaurant in Cozad, NE....yes, a former NYC chef moved to Cozad a few years ago and it is wonderful!! Did you know Robert Henri the painter grew up in Cozad and the town is named after his family? His father was a land speculator with the last name of Cozad, and Henri was actually named Robert Henry Cozad. It makes for a great read to learn why Henri changed his name in the book, "Son of a Gambling Man". That is your art history lesson for the day!)

There are a few more days left on my eBay auction. If you haven't given the Halloween Egg a look yet click on eBay for the link.

Have a wonderful weekend and Easter.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Award

That Christopher at Designs by CK, has passed on a blog award to me! He has the funniest series of Easter cartoons/giggles, that you need to go give his blog a look to see them as well as his newest offering on eBay, "All Seer" (very cool piece). Such a talented guy I am thrilled to know him and to say I have the privilege of owning a few of his pieces now! He also revamped his website as well, and he did a fabulous job showcasing his work!! Talent, shear and utter talent!

Okay, I am suppose to tell you 7 fast Laurie facts (I don't think I have told these before):

1. I use to be a CPR instructor for the American Heart Association.

2. I have actually performed CPR on multiple heart attack victims.

3. I use to be a registered Emergency Medical Technician for the Fire Department and local hospital.

4. I was on our local Fire Department for 10 years working both EMS (Emergency Medical Services/Ambulance) and as a Fire Ground Support Operations team member (I was a Truckee), and yes, I have actually fought fire multiple times from structure to grass fires.

5. I was the Public Information Officer for the Fire Department for several years.

6. I was the Emergency Management Coordinator for our city and county.

7. My father was the fire chief in my home town as I was growing up and inspired me to do all of the above.

See, you just never know what you might learn about someone!! HA! Isn't life interesting and a great adventure.

Okay, my 7 blog picks:

PJ's Talking: PJ's work makes me happy and I love her altered books!!

Yoborobo: That Pam is amazing and I love reading her blog...she just makes me smile.

The Gourd Queen: Linda has got her blog up and running and I want to give her a huge pat on the back for taking the leap!!

The Hermitage: I'm not sure how they live in their little home on wheels, but Rima is bright, articulate, chuck full of artistic talent and always a fabulous read from England.

Whimsical Endeavors: Love Pea and it looks like Sonia from Dark Raven beat me to the punch on the award!!

Back Porch Pickins: Tonya always has something nice to show you and to say!! (Thanks Sonia for picking up my error!! )

Crescent Hill Designs: Lance does such whimsical and wonderful work!!

There are so many out there that do such great work and have such fun blogs!!

Well, I had better get back to work myself!

Have a great week!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Just listed on eBay!!

Little Gunther Pumpkin Boy is out celebrating the Frightful Fete as part of the 3rd anniversary of EHAG. You can find him on eBay. (link provided)

Lots of little details on this Halloween Egg, the second one created by Monkey-Cats Studio, at just over 6.75" in height without the black painted wood base. At it's widest point the egg is right at 4.5".

Can't have a night scene without Ms. Moon overseeing things, so she is part of the Frightful Fete as well.

The egg is signed, dated and numbered by the artist. Hope the Halloween Egg is just what you need!!!

Thank you for your consideration!

EHAG Giveaway and eBay

Woo Hoo, a giveaway, a giveaway!!! Below is the little Skelly head ornament that I have provided for the EHAG 3rd Anniversary giveaway. You can sign up for the little guy this week by going to the EHAG blog and leaving your name and email address in a comment or by emailing the group on the email address provided on the EHAG blog. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE remember to leave your email address so that we may contact you to let you know if you have won because if we are unable to contact you a new name will be drawn in a week following the announced winners. I provided you the link so go give the other giveaways a lookey lou!!

You also need to go to eBay and type EHAG in your search to see all of the wonderful works posted this week for sale by the Eclectic Halloween Artists Group members. As of this posting I'm still working on my eBay listing so mine should be up tonight for you to see!!!

Such a talented group of artists, and didn't Lori of Retro Rudolph's make a great banner for our event!

Here is my ebay piece for tonight. A Halloween know Easter is Sunday so you think only the Easter Bunny has eggs? Not according to my Halloween Pumpkin bunnies!

I will post again tonight with an eBay link as soon as I get the auction up....been awhile so it may take me a bit to remember how to do everything!! YIKES!

Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Witchy Wilhelmina

Recently I was inspired by another blogger to make a witch to add to my group of figures. I hadn't made a witch in over two years that I actually completed in paint, and many of you have probably noticed I rarely make female figures...I don't know why, but most of the figures I have running through my head are male. I commented to Joycee (Enchanted Productions) about this and she said she does primarily female figures so I guess we were put in the world to balance each other out! He he! Below is Wilhelmina....she has porcelain green skin, I mean lovely green skin, and has had a little face work done as she has had her nose mole removed and her nose straightened. Her teeth have also been veneered and her lower lip now has some of her fat (we don't ask her where the fat came from ) injected in it to plump it up. A bit of a witchy diva that Wilhelmina! Oh, and don't ever call her Willy...she has this toad spell she is known for and it has been said there is an elevated toad population in and around her home.

A close up of the little Wilhelmina below...she looks so harmless but don't let her looks fool you!

Hope she gives you a smile!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Halloween Calico

After a very long wait for paint to be put on this little kitty, "The Halloween Calico" is finally finished. This little cat is my girl, Glycerin (Nitro was her partner), that tolerates the two Monkey-Cats I imposed on her. She pretends to be irritated with them when we are watching the three together, but when she thinks our eyes have been diverted, she loving cleans their faces and lies on the floor to play with them. She is such a phony!!!

I portrayed her in her party mode when she is all smiley (yes, I swear all cats are capable of this), and ready to take a swing at Jake and Elwood for play.

Hope she makes you smile!!!