Saturday, October 31, 2009

Local Hub Article

Are there times when you want to pinch yourself?....I think so! Not only did I have the good fortune to be interviewed by KHAS-TV that aired this week, but I have all but one column on the front of the Life section of the Kearney Hub today. Sarah Mulder was the Hub writer and she did a wonderful job mentioning Halloween and Vine and SpookyTime Jingles and I am just thrilled!!! Plus it is Halloween!!! Now that is what I call a wonderful day!

Thank you to all of you that have put up with me through all of this and my fall madness. I wish everyone the same good fortune!

Happy Halloween to you all!!

Spooky Salutations,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elf in the Ornie update

Little Phineas is making some progress so here is the first bit of paint on this tiny fellow and the ornie he is emerging from. His collar was added after the initial sculpting so it was too wet for paint, but will be painted green to match his pointy hat trim and it should give him some visual punch up against the red of the ornament. Don't you love what primary colors do when they are set up against one another!!! I'm debating about the design on the ornament...40-50's style stripes and dots is the direction on leaning at the moment. I have lots more work to do on his face, trim and ornament design, but I'm excited to get him finished. I'm sculpting this week so the painting is on hold.

You will also notice there are a few pumpkin boys in clay standing behind Phineas. They are both in the works and I hope to have one dressed for Christmas. We will see if my idea has merit or not once I execute it, and if you find there isn't one on SpookyTime Jingles next month then you will know it didn't work for me. So many ideas, so little time!!! ** giggle**

Hope you are having a great week and that you have fun plans for Halloween!! Only 3 days away--Boo!

KHAS-TV Interview is Up on Their Website

Okay, my photographs aren't done yet on the update for the little elf, but here is the link to the interview that was on last night's news from the Hastings, Nebraska station NBC affiliate, KHAS..... I received an email this morning from an artist in Missouri that the Kansas City station picked it up and ran it as well. How fun!! I'm not sure how long the clip will be up so if it disappears in a day or two don't be surprised.

I'll be back with a photo later today after I get my hair cut.
Have a great afternoon!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Elf in the Ornie

"Elf in the Ornie" (where do elves come from?) is the new WIP I have going. I worked on him yesterday while the KHAS-TV news people were here talking to me about Halloween art so I should have a link on Wednesday, which might show the addition of the hand and shoulders to the figure. They were really smart to have me work while we talked so it was more conversational and less intimidating to have a camera in the room. They were both delightful and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to get a little snippet on local television. Because of the subject matter they told me that other NBC affiliates might pick up the interview as a human interest filler.

I was also interviewed on Tuesday by a local newspaper writer and the article is suppose to be in the Halloween edition next weekend. Of course the two cats weren't the least bit concerned with that interviewer and jumped on the studio table and drank from their water dish and behaved normally... very cat-like!! I had this little fellow's head loosely sitting in the cracked ornament opening and had to move it during the interview to insure I had a piece left to finish. Those two cats have an extreme interest in my art and what I'm doing!!! (They must know I pay for the cat food and kitty litter.)

I'm excited to have this piece dry so that I can put some paint on both the ornament and the Elf figure. I also plan to paint the front of the small base that the ornament will set on. Something new for me so we will see if it works!!

Well, I better get ready to set up for tomorrow's show!! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A New WIP Tomorrow...Even If It Is Still Snowing!

So sorry for my absence...I have been getting ready for a show that is this Saturday and I seem to be so far behind that I focused on getting things done and not much time on the computer blogging!!! I can't believe I have been so negligent!

We have also been cold, overcast and wet here recently, which doesn't make for good picture taking, but I promise to show pictures of a new WIP tomorrow even if the sun is absent!

Have a great night!

Monday, October 12, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Update Tonight!!!

Tonight at midnight (Eastern time) SpookyTime Jingles will update with a new batch of goodies from a great group of artists. Below are three of my boys that will be available for sale tonight, Melvin, Augustus and Seymour. (Click on the title and it will take you to the STJ website. )

They look innocent, but the three are full of mischief!!!

We have our new computer set up now and I can goodness the screen is big and bright!! I love it and hopefully we won't have a "fatal error" show up on a black screen for quite some time!! Thanks to my hubby for working so hard transferring information and getting this set up for us!!

Have a great day and happy creating. I'm off to go mix some clay!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween and Vine and Ghoultide Gathering

First I want to report that Halloween and Vine is one of the most exciting and dynamic Halloween shows I have ever attended, but then again those of you that have attended before or know the work of the artists participating in the show already knew that!! The show gave me the opportunity to actually see the work of Scott Smith, Johanna Parker, Lori Ann Corelis, Nicol Sayre, William Bezek, Christy Silacci, Kerry Howard-Schmidt, Vergie Lightfoot, Ginny Betourne, Jorge de Rojas, Katherine Webber, Susie Scott and the list goes on and on...all a visual feast for the eyes and senses!! I don't know how to explain to you how much more impressive the work is to actually see it in person, hold and turn in your hand to see all of the detail and nuances of the surface, and to see it's actual size...especially when the artists' work already looks great in a photograph. The other thing is that every artists I met was just the nicest person...really, really friendly and encouraging and it just made for such a great experience. Equally wonderful were the collectors that came to the show and were so generous with their comments and purchases. Everyone was smiling in the building and that makes for such a great atmosphere that you are just happy to be exposed to such positive energy from people that share a love for Halloween just like you do! (Plus I got to meet Dani, Leah and Melissa!!)

If you ever get the chance to go to Petaluma, I highly recommend the event and the wine...oops, did I say wine?!! We stayed within walking distance of the old downtown and the restaurants and shops were wonderful and the citizen's really love their community, and like to share that with you. It made for that "icing on the cake" you always hope to experience when you are traveling. Of course, good food and drink tend to be a priority for some of us and after seeing myself in the photographs this year I really need to do a little less of the food!! Yikes!

I've included some shots of my table from last Saturday before the show opened.

Poor Scott, I was like a groupie you always hear about meeting someone they admire for the first time!! He was a trooper and posed for a photograph with me. His work is inspiring and if you can attend Ghoultide Gathering this Saturday, October 3, in Mill Race Village, Northville, MI, Scott will be there along with another great group of Halloween artists I so admire! Fellow EHAG artists Carolee Clark, Kristen Beason, Pam Gracia and Lori Brechlin will also be there. It would be so worth the trip, trust me!

There will be other artists posting about both events in the coming days so keep an eye out for some great displays!!

Have a great day!