Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Upcoming Blog Sale

I will be hosting a blog sale, here, on Tuesday evening, October 4th, at 8 pm, Central Time.  I apologize that the sale is the same evening as the second presidential candidate debate, but I had already advertised the date prior to realizing their would be a conflict.

I will have a small number of pieces available for online customers that include pumpkins, boo-boys, squash figures and several paintings.

I hope to see you on the evening of October 4th!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ghoultide Gathering

Holy cow, where has the year gone?!!!!  I cannot believe a year has passed so quickly and that a new collection of Halloween originals has emerged from the studio for the Ghoultide Gathering show this weekend, September 24th.  Pumpkins, bats, ghosties, boo boys and a variety of other characters will be available at the event.  

One of the special works created for this year's show is a treat container commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Ghoultide Gathering show....

witches will also be present...

along with a skelly or two...

a black cat or more....

a Monkey-Cats webmaster...

and a few over the moon pieces.

Hope to see you there for this special event!!! 

Following the show I will be putting together a blog sale of Halloween originals for those unable to attend Ghoultide Gathering.  Look for upcoming information about the sale to be held on Tuesday, October 4th, at 8 central time in a future post.

Have a wonderful fall and here is hoping your Halloween is magical!!!