Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Working on Ghoultide...there goes summer!!

What happened to spring?  Suddenly it is the second week of June, and my inventory of Halloween pieces is far from where it should be at this point.  Perhaps I'm getting older and just can't work at the frenzied pace I used to, or it could be that I let that darned thing called Facebook eat up too much of my time, or more than likely it is just the simple fact I have been watching too many young squirrels, baby bunnies and butterflies pass my studio window.  Regardless, my reality is that I need to kick it in gear and get to work!  


Speaking of Halloween, it is a joy to announce that I will be participating in Ghoultide Gathering again this fall.  Ghoultide will be held in Chelsea, Michigan, on October 3rd, so now is a great time to make your plans to attend!  Take the link above and go to the Ghoultide Gathering website for details about the show and where to stay.

The Ghoultide experience has become a magical part of the Halloween season for me, and I look forward to seeing fellow artists and their works along with greeting collectors and Halloween enthusiasts in such a festive atmosphere.   Many hours of love and labor go into this show by it's participants and our show directors, Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore, which combined make it a magical weekend that does not disappoint! (Have I convinced you yet?)  I hope to see many of you there!

A few Halloween works have already left the studio table and will be making their journey to Michigan this fall.  I do not create female pumpkin figures very often, so much to my surprise one grew from the studio patch in recent weeks.  She will be joining a few witches of the same gender, so trouble may be brewing at Monkey-Cats Studio this year!

 Have broom, will travel!

Back to work for me!  Oh look, another Swallowtail....and so it goes.