Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Work on EHAG Emporium

This figure measures 14.5” x 6” x 6.5”
The head is made of paper mache and sits on top of a wooden base decorated with a hand-painted torso of the little figure hugging his beloved Pumpkin doll and treat bucket. The head is independent from the base allowing
for it to be tipped and positioned as the mood suits you.

This is not the first piece I have created using a wood base as a painting surface on which to paint the torso, but it is one of the more unusual pieces in the Monkey-Cats’ 2010 collection.
Also unique to this piece is the button shaped nose of the pumpkin head.

This piece will come fully signed, numbered and dated.
“I Love My Pumpkin Doll” will be available to the first customer to email me at:
SOLD...thank you!!!

As always, thank you for your consideration!


Friday, July 30, 2010

EHAG Emporium Saturday Night

Sneak peek at my piece being offered tomorrow night, July 31, at 9 p.m. on the EHAG Emporium. A little Halloween fellow is in love with his little pumpkin doll and holds him close to his heart.

Hope you like him!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EHAG Emporium and Ghoultide Gathering

Don't forget that you have until Friday to register for the giveaways on the EHAG Emporium (check the post below for the link). Please register...I would hate for you to lose out on a chance to win THREE wonderful pieces in one giveaway!

Also, on Saturday, July 31, at 9 p.m. Eastern, the Emporium will be hosting the July update of new Halloween pieces available from the EHAG artists. I've seen some sneak peeks and it looks to be another great month. Mark the calendar because the works have a habit of flying out the window! I'll be showing a peek later this week of my offering for the month.

As many of you know I am in the midst of preparing for the Ghoultide Gathering Halloween show in Michigan. Pretty much all I'm producing is inventory for that show so I decided to share images of some of the new pieces as I get them completed. Below is the new candy container I completed this week. I don't make containers often, and when I do they usually aren't all paper mache so this is a unique piece for me. Hope you like him!!

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

EHAG Emporium July Giveaway and "Sir Batty Bones"

Busy in the studio today so this will be quick. First, you need to go over to the EHAG Emporium and check out the July giveaway. One person will win all three works of art from Chris Klingler, Sheila Bentley and Allen Cunningham...that's right, all three!!! Read the post and then be sure to register by commenting on your favorite childhood Halloween costume... blog, tweet or become a fan and you have more chances to win!! The drawing is on July 30, so scurry on over to the EHAG Emporium now!

Secondly, I wanted to share "Sir Batty Bones" of Covington, with you. Sir Batty Bones was an ace flyer before we knew about airplanes....that's right, witches aren't the only ones that belong to flying corps. Sir Batty Bones could handle a broom with the best of them and was highly awarded with the "Order of the Bat" medal, which he proudly wears on formal occasions. So adept was he in flight that the bats would join him in aerial formations and fill the night sky with wings aflutter.

In his youth it was said he and his band of bats could scare with the best of them. Many a boy and girl had their hair raised (literally) by Sir Batty Bones' corps on Halloween night, as they loved to swoop down on the trick or treaters grabbing children's pigtails and ponytails hoping for a dropped piece of candy.

Sir Batty Bones still flies, he just leaves the mischief up to his proteges now....or so he says. He still looks like he has plenty of playful tricks running through that empty space in his head!

Hope you like him!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sir Cob Web Bones

More figures are being completed for the "Pumpkin Ball", and this new one is "Sir Cob Web Bones", lover of dew covered cobwebs and all things arachnid.

Being close to the earth, "Sir Cob Web Bones" took notice of the spiders and insects around him and developed a deep fascination for the spiders' spinning abilities. They seemed much more creative than their insect neighbors so he watched with wonder as the tiny eight-legged acrobats replaced their webs daily. He was amazed by their dance and found a certain attraction to their long thin limbs, which seemed to remind him of many of his relatives.

Over the years he developed a rapport with the spiders and they began to ride on him throughout the day and night. Some were day spinners and some night spinners, but both liked this little skelly as he seemed to attract tasty bugs for some reason. On special occasions they would make him the loveliest of webs so when he was dressing for the "Pumpkin Ball" they went to work. Webs on the hat, webs on the vest and treat bucket, plus four little friends riding on him to attend the affair should his webs need repair after a twirling dance. You have to love such trusted little friends!

Hope you like "Sir Cob Web Bones" and his weavers!

Back to work for me!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Lord Lafsalot"

I am painting like mad this week and have managed to complete a few figures. Last night I put the finishing touches on a new skelly, "Lord Lafsalot", dressed in his Halloween finery. "Lord Lafsalot" is one of many figures I'm creating that are dressed to attend the "2010 Pumpkin Ball" in my little Halloween dreamland. You'll be seeing lots of top hats, fancy treat buckets, scepters and other items carried by this silly group of characters in the upcoming weeks.

Some of the pieces will be available on upcoming EHAG Emporium updates between now and September 30, and the rest of the group will be going to Ghoultide Gathering (October 2, in Michigan). If you have not looked at the Ghoultide website yet you can click on the link in the left column of this blog or simply click on Ghoultide Gathering in the last sentence and it will take you there. The artists are amazing and I'm humbled to be amongst such talent!!

Fall is always a good time for a trip...right?!!! Think about it and if you love Halloween it will be a great place to be-- PROMISE!

Enjoy the day and happy creating!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Purrceptibly Happy"

I've been painting this past week so I have a few things to share on the blog. This is "Purrceptibly Happy", or "Purrcie" as his family refers to him. This little fellow was born happy because he has a magical birthday, Halloween. His mother instantly saw his smile shortly after his birth and learned quickly of his happy demeanor, and so he was given his name.

"Purrcie" loves all things Halloween...especially the treats! To guarantee he has success carrying all of the goodies of trick-or-treating, "Purrcie" carries a lovely treat bucket bearing the image of his cousin, "Jakey Monkey-Cat." (Oh come on, you knew they had to be related!!)

"Purrcie" will be easy to recognize on Halloween night as he loves to mix his patterns of Halloween attire so you can always find him in stripes and polka dots going door to door hoping for some catnip or tuna.

Hope you find that "Purrcie" suits your fancy!

Have a creative day!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Trip

We traveled for our 4th of July celebration, and as usual we had a wonderful time. Lots of family, food, fireworks and fun!! Below, is Mom sitting at the kitchen table having a little breakfast in front of just part of the stars and stripes that decorate my sister's home. It is the perfect setting to make you feel patriotic!

In the dining room she has more stars and stripes, including the plates she has collected in her china cabinet.

In the living room more stars and stripes, including a fun flag fireplace screen, stacking boxes, stars, houses and an Americana print....heck, her table lamps are even a star motif with dark red shades!!

Because she works so hard planning and organizing all of the fun for the family, I added to her collection and purchased a Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam set designed by Johanna Parker for Bethany Lowe. They fit perfectly with her decor! Thanks Johanna!!!

It rained the afternoon we were to set off the fireworks, but we were fortunate and the rain stopped so that the fireworks extravaganza went off without a hitch! It was a wonderful way to celebrate and remember what our country's founders dreamed about for all of us, and the hope that we continue to not lose our way.

I love my family and my country!