Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Yarn, Don't Ignore the Cats

My sweet little Elwood, the little head at the bottom left of the first photograph, came prancing up to me at my studio table just a talking and rubbing and then I looked up and looked around the corner to find the following. Elwood is trying to look cute!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!

I had purchased a new glittery fuzzy eyelash yarn to use in some of my pieces and the two culprits got up on the table, opened the bag, got the wrapper off and ran through the kitchen into the living room through the dining room and back again. They were in stealth mode.

Watch for Laurie, I think I can get it again!

I tried rolling the ball back up, decided to get some photos to show the hubby when he gets home tonight and while I went for the camera, Elwood went for the ball again! This time it went to the basement. You know, I have to quit this post now to go finish rolling up a ball of yarn.
I did laugh...I'm ashamed to admit it, but when the little poo went tearing down the stairs this last time it wasn't as funny!!!
Happy creating!!!!!!! Lord knows my cats did!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just a Silly Ole' Punkin

Just a little something for Wednesday. This pumpkin is 8" high by 9" wide, he is made of papier mache, painted with acrylic paints and is just called "Silly Ole' Punkin". He has a big toothy grin and some of his teeth are longer, more protruding than others with a slight overbite, but he proudly displays his smile. You have to love him for that if nothing else!! He isn't a scary guy, but a gentle pumpkin with an allergy to corn pollen that gets up his big nose and makes him sneeze very loudly, which can be frightening to the unaware.

For picture purposes shown above he is atop a large candlestick, but he looks fine sitting on a table with other creations and creatures as shown below.

I'm painting today so hopefully I might have something new for tomorrow. Wish me luck!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better and the Best!!

Have you ever made something, decided it was finished, but you keep looking at it and you know it isn't right? That was the fate of poor "Disc Jacky." On Saturday I had decided that something needed to be done with the initial "hair" I had put on him because it just didn't work for me. I thought I still wanted to try feathers so yesterday I went feather shopping again and found a soft downy black feather. I pulled out the first feather toupee and put on the new feathers and then added a hat and raffia tie. I'm much happier with the results and it feels like it was the right thing to do. He seems better now.

His smile and twinkle in his eye seem better too!!

Now on to something truly fun, wonderful and just the best surprise!! I have been amazed the last 6 weeks with the amount of correspondence and phone calls this little ole' blog has led to. I have had lots of fun emailing one person in particular, a sweet, very talented women in Oklahoma, by the name of Sheila Jacobson. Sheila just makes me laugh. We have swapped clay and painting experiences and also found out we both were familiar with a fishing method called noodling. They had a noodling competition recently in her town and Sheila bought a noodling t-shirt as a give-away for her blog. I won the t-shirt!!! Yesterday this box comes to my house addressed to me and I see the return address and say to my husband, "oh, it's that t-shirt I won!" I open the box, read a very nice note that didn't make complete sense to me, but hey, that's me, and then pulled out the t-shirt to find a little cellophane bag wrapped inside with crinkle filler and this ornament. Isn't that just the best!!!! Suddenly the note made perfect sense. The moon is lovely and has delicate perfectly shaped lips and then look at Santa!! He is 1.75" tall and has all of this detail and a .50" tall bag at his side. Unbelievable!! I'm sorry Sheila, but the ornament beat the t-shirt hands down!!! HA!!! I love this not just because it is adorable, but because it was made by Sheila for me and comes from the heart. THE BEST GIFT!!! I will treasure it always.
To see more of Sheila's works go to my Favorite's List on the right and you will find her under the name "Pieces of Me". Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New PFATT Member

I recently became a member of PFATT, Primitive Folk Art Tea & Talk and I am just so excited about this group of wonderful artists!!! I still need to get my postings on eBay, which seems a bit daunting to me, but I will get it figured out like I did this blog--well, I have to admit I'm still working on this blog thing, but at least I can upload pictures and enter posts. Baby steps!!

Anyway, I am humbled and honored to be associated with all of the wonderful PFATT artists and hope to keep up the standards and level of creativity I see in their work!! Yeah, I am a PFATTie!!

Have a great weekend and happy creating!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Disc Jacky" with Paint

"Disc Jacky," is painted now and is the first of 8 hanging figures I have planned with disk bodies, wire arms and legs with paperclay heads, hands and boots. He has a big toothy grin (minus a lower tooth), lovely hazel eyes, a bat bow tie, skull belt buckle and unruly feather hair. He is made of paperclay, paper mache, wire and feathers and is painted with acrylic paints. He is 13" tall, not measuring his feather top so he is too big to be considered an ornament unless you have a full size tree to hang him from.

A face a mother could love...and maybe you too!!

He has sculpted hands and a sculpted bow tie.

"Disc Jacky" hangs from a cord with a black wire loop at the end. The arms and legs move slightly and the wire can be bent if you want to reposition the legs, but this is a sculpture and not meant to be a toy so you would need to remember to handle him with care.
I'm excited to get started on the next disk figure now that I have this one done. Too many ideas, so little time--HA!!
Have a great Friday and happy creating!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Work in Progress for STJ

Two things today. Wanted to show you the third Christmas piece still needing a few brushstrokes before being seen on SpookyTime Jingles in August. He is only 8" tall to the tip of his hat and is a small Santa in a chimney. The Santa is made of paperclay and the base is a paper mache box painted to look like a brick chimney. He has odd little proportions and looks a bit more folky than some of my pieces due to his oversized head, but I thought it would be fun to play with this idea in a few upcoming pieces. Hope you like him because my husband still doesn't like the paperclay surface and thinks it is influencing the look of my pieces too much. Your thoughts?

The second item I wanted to talk about is think about supporting your local businesses. With the price of gas, groceries and cost of living taking some large leaps lately (an alliteration) I know we are all looking for the cheapest prices and discounts we can find so we are buying outside of our communities and online. I think this is something we all do, I do it, but recently I talked to a local store owner and was shocked when she told me her sales were $11,000 under this year to the same date last year. She is a small business and this is huge for her since she has invested financially and emotionally in her business venture, and I know how hard she works and how wonderful her store is. If you have a favorite store or business and you want them to survive our current economic times you need to seriously think about supporting them financially. I feel the same way about supporting the artists I have recently met through my blog. If I want to continue to see their work out their and evolve, I need to support them financially as guess what family, you are all getting handmade items as gifts, not just made by me, but by other artists as well!!!! (That will just crush my sisters--HA!!!)

Sorry to have gotten preachy--you all have a great day!! I'm off to the studio!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Gone Batty"

I received a note yesterday about me being busy and I have been busy, but it really is that darn paperclay!! The paperclay has made me faster because it dries so much quicker than my beloved textural celluclay. It is also allowing me to "play" a bit more because it lets me do detail and light weight forms that I couldn't do in the celluclay. What I have also discovered is this is making my mind work overtime coming up with ideas to push the limits of the material. I had my head on the pillow last night and I found myself thinking about what I might be able to do on the next piece...the wheels are turning!! It is a nice place to be.

Below is a new piece called "Gone Batty." I had the celluclay head because I didn't like it on another piece and replaced it with a new head, and I made a small paperclay bat on wire and decided he needed to be buzzing the poor little pumpkin head. The little bat has fangs so obviously he is a vampire bat and I'm sure that makes the pumpkin just a tad nervous.

Below is another view of the pumpkin head watching the bat closely. This view also shows the paper mache box base painted with pumpkins, bats and a fence going around the entire form better than what you can see in the top photograph. The pumpkin collar is made of colored raffia and forms a nice cushion for the pumpkin to throw his head back on as the bat swoops down at him. The piece is 10" high to the top of the bat and you can gently move the bat on the wire to your liking. He will be available in August on SpookyTime Jingles.

Working on a painting and "Disc Jacky" today so I had better go jump in the shower and get my day going.
Have a great day cruising the blogs and creating!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Disc Jacky"

Something new for me!! I'm starting on a new series of hanging disk figures and this is the first of 8 sculpted buddies I have planned. His name is "Disc Jacky." (I know, I know, but I couldn't resist the name.) I thought the figures would be smaller, but little oh me still ended up with a 13" long figure from the tip of the boot to the top of the head, so calling them an ornament isn't accurate. They are made of wire, paperclay, and a paper mache disk.

Below is a close up of the DJ's face, bat-bow tie and sculpted little hands. Those hands were fun and relatively easy to sculpt, and I love the way paperclay lets me do that level of detail. I didn't do fingernails though, but it would be possible with this clay. I got my new order of paperclay yesterday so I'm good to go for combining celluclay and paperclay on an upcoming piece.

Hope he makes you smile!! Have a creative day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

'Tis the Season Design Works

I received a package from Nancy Walker, of 'Tis the Season Design Works, with the cutest needle felt piece this weekend!!! She gave this away as a door prize and having never won anything prior to entering blogland, of course I registered and I WON!! I just have been so lucky recently that I could pee my pants...we hope not actually, but you get the idea about the level of my excitement!!
Isn't he just so cute perched on the top of a handpainted box with the handmade clay pumpkins. He even has a little bell at the tip of his hat and a wee button holding his hat band on in the back...and look at those cute little whiskers and tiny felted nose.
He has a new place in my house away from the naughty kitties that have learned they can jump 5.5' up on top of the china cabinet where my other Halloween items use to be!! Anybody want a very spoiled pair of juvenile deliquent cats that think they are in training for the "Cat Olympics" high jump competition? Just let me know! Ask Dani what they are capable of before you say yes!
Started on something new yesterday that may have promise. If my paperclay order arrives today I might get one assembled to show you unpainted tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed!!
Happy Creating!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Starlight With His Stripes

No more stripes for a while...they started to get optical on me as I was painting them so I guess that is a sign to stay away from them on the next few figures. You know, it is one thing to paint the lines on a figure in a painting on canvas, but it is a whole other beast to paint them on sculpture. I have got to be crazy!!! The results are below...this is Starlight, Starbrites fraternal twin.

Full standing figure on a papier mache box. Figure stands 10.5" tall (see him below in white) and is my second paperclay figure I have sculpted.

Close up of the figure

Back of the figure shows his crossing suspenders holding up his striped slacks.

Close up of the painted paperclay vintage style ornament.

Close up of Starlight's smile and details of his collar and hat. Poor kid really has an exaggerated nose on him, but that is part of his charm!!
On to the next piece now...I think it is time to get back to some pumpkin figures with quirky brows and smiles. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Starbrite is Done!!

Update from this morning. Starbrite is done and is ready for next months SpookyTime Jingles artists' marketplace. I added some detail, painted a jingle bell and holly leaf on the base, and gave it some antique glaze and we are calling him finished.

Detail of Starbrite shows the little elf holding a small and medium candy cane in his hands, his painted ruffled collar, spotted top with 2 clay pompons, stocking cap with 3 red stipes, and a smile from ear to ear. He's so excited about his candy canes he almost falls off his perch!!

He isn't the least bit ghoulish is he?
Have a creative afternoon and evening!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Elf

Another Elf out of paperclay!! I think I like this clay more and more for the small figures. It is much faster for me to work with, the wave of the collar didn't crack and need repair as it was being built and last night I was already able to start painting on the first Elf. I also discovered the paperclay sands beautifully as you prepare it for paint. I put a thin coat of gesso over the whole figure and base, let it dry and then started putting on paint and the paint goes on softer in appearance, almost like the look of watercolor. I'm so glad I tried it and look forward to more experimentation!! I have only done Christmas figures with it so far but is my mind whirling with Halloween ideas in paperclay. Will I ever get them all done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, if I didn't have to do laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, cleaning, cooking...well, I'm entitled to dream, aren't I?!!

Happy Creating! LOL

Monday, July 14, 2008

Creating...Studio Day!!

Woo Hoo!!! This is my first piece working in paperclay I finished yesterday. I was having problems with detail on small pieces with the celluclay I normally use so decided to give paperclay a try. The surface is smoother, works like a dream taking and holding detail so I am anxious to see how it paints.

Santa's little elf is 7" high to the top of his hat, which is small for me. I have a Santa started in the same material this morning so need to get back to it!!

Oh, don't forget to check out the SpookyTimes Jingles marketplace. Too much fun!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

SpookyTime Jingles is now LIVE

Well, that Dani did it...after much nurturing and assurance from our fearless leader, SpookyTime Jingles is LIVE!!! I have updated the link so if you click on the little image to the right (SpookyTime Jingles) it will take you directly to the website. You can do some Halloween or Christmas shopping for yourself or others, and remember that handmade originals are always THE BEST GIFTS!!! Lots of visual delights so grab a cup of coffee and let your fingers do the walking...oh yes, and BUYING!!! Plus, sign up for the door prizes!!! The little Squatty Santa below is up for grabs as a door prize and I would love to mail him to you...he just told me so!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hhhhmmm, can we tempt you?

Artists from SpookyTime Jingles were asked to provide "door prizes" to promote the new online Halloween/Christmas artists' marketplace. Below is a 4.75" high Squatty Santa with a curled beard...poor little guy got so plump he looks like he is sitting on his shoes. Go to STJ at midnight and find out how he could be coming home to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He wants to be yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



At midnight tonight, July 13, (OHHHHHHH...AHHH) SpookyTime Jingles goes live and these boys will be waiting to see you!!

Skelly Belly tipped his hat and brushed his teeth (honest!)...

Dietrich von Pumpkin fluffed his collar and polished his boo-buttons. ***SOLD***

and little Punkinhead staightened his bat bow tie and combed his...well if he would have had hair he most certainly would have combed it!!!

They will be there waiting to greet you along with all of the other jingly-creepy creations!!! It's a great group of artists.

Click on the SpookyTime Jingles image on the right side of the blog screen and you are on your way there!! Bring a friend, have some virtual punch and cookies and enjoy the visual delights!! Oh, and FREE SHIPPING during the first month as part of the debut of STJ and check out the door prizes. Lucky you!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Didn't Quite Get Him Done for STJ

I tried really hard, but alas, it wasn't to be. I thought I would have Jakey finished for the premier of SpookyTime Jingles , but he doesn't have any arms (legs/paws) yet and they wouldn't be dry in time for the premier so I have to accept a "time" defeat. Darn it!!

Thought I would give you a peek anyway so that you know what is coming up in....August!!! Also, I need to point out that unlike my pumpkin group, the cats DO have a dental plan. Look at that smile!

Have a great day and happy creating!!

Dani's and Christy's Ornaments

Aren't they adorable!!! These are the three ornies that I received from Dani at Ambitions Design!!! (I know, I shot them on white, but they just didn't show in detail as well on black.) I sent Dani a note and told her that I know you aren't suppose to have favorites, but that little green bug-like guy just speaks to me!! Baby Bumpy Clown has almost an innocence about him, but you know he would be naughty when the lights were turned out!! You see it too, right?!! And then our beloved Crazy Creepster Clown on the left...definitely not a critter to turn your back on. In the center we have Scary Skelly Clown and he wears a hat I would love to own. They make quite a ghoulish triumvirate!!

Isn't he just soooooo naughty cute!!
Check out Dani on her blog, PFATT, and the soon to open STJ!!!

And then the second gift in the mail....I won these absolutely wonderful WOZ ornaments from Christy at CC's Whimsies. Look at those faces....but did the flying monkeys scare you when you were little?!!! They did me, but this one has the dearest face and look who he is carrying!!! The detail and quality of these collector ornaments is extraordinary so please check Christy's blog for more information on getting some for your collection!!! WOO HOO, life is good!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What, NO pictures!!!!

Had a small computer glitch today so didn't get my photos up of CC's and Dani's pieces!!!! So sorry and I will be out all morning Friday so will get those little darlings up as soon as I can!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christmas Again At My House!! Blog Award!!!!!

The coolest thing just happened...I was given a blog award !!!! Lance at Crescent Hill Designs awarded several of us with the blog award to the right, and I am thrilled. Wasn't that the nicest thing of him to do?!! I looked at the other blogs he nominated and I must say, I am in great company!! Thank you Lance for making this a TERRIFIC day!!

Christmas at My House!!

I didn't receive just one package, but 2 in the mail!!! First I received 3 WOZ ornaments that I won from Christy at CC's Whimsies (oh, too wonderful), and then the second box reveiled 3 ornaments from Dani at Ambitions Design. WOO HOO--pictures tomorrow!! I feel so special!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Skelly Belly Unveiling

Here he is....oops, I need to get his attention so he'll turn around and look at you....note his back center panel of his torso and the scene on the back of the base. This is one of the reasons why it takes me so long to get these things done!!

Let me introduce Skelly Belly III. He is quite a change from my long legged versions, but now that I am worrying about possibly shipping the pieces I'm thinking in terms of smaller might be better. (Wonder if I will like my things smaller?) This figure is still 13" tall to the tip of his hat.

Here he is in full view with a papier mache hat (thank you dear husband for my new belt sander that lets me make them with a nice sharp point!!), variegated rafia collar, raised skull buttons, relief arms and hands, and a wood base I'm trying out on 4 new pieces. He has his hands on his belly rubbing it because he was a pig and ate ordinary yard bugs on the 4th of July !!

Go ahead, give him a smooch!!!

Above are 2 close ups of the grave yard scene that surrounds the base and you can just see the edge of the cork bottom I put on to keep the figure from scratching a tabletop.

That's it, you'll see him next on SpookyTime Jingles, July 13!! :) Laurie


I was going to take a picture of Skelly Belly this morning to show you how he is coming along and darned if we aren't overcast again. It makes for lousy photographs so if it burns off I will post something later, I'm not attempting to try to get you back,... okay, yeah, ...well maybe.
Have fun creating today!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dietrich ***SOLD***

Hope you all had a great weekend. I have to admit I took things down to Missouri to work on, but all I managed to do was paint one hat and make 4 collars...but I had fun!!

Below is Dietrich, wearing cat ears and makeup on his nose like a cat. He is a big boy standing at 27" in height and a width of 7.5". He is composed of papier mache, rafia and wood. Dietrich will be one of two tall figures I have planned (remember, plans can change!!) for sale at the SpookyTime Jingles premier.

Dietrich stands on a 3.5" x 5" base, wears 4" high boots, 5 striped stockings, and has a 3-dimensionally sculpted face on his lantern.

You can get a better look at the lantern in the picture above, plus the details of the rafia hands and collar, boo-buttons on his cuffs and shirt, and the top of his buckle and belt are just visible above his hands. The belt goes all around his back and chubby little tummy.

Dietrich lost a tooth due to his lack of a dental program and consuming way too much yak-stew and froggy eyes without remembering to floss. He hopes his lovely green eyes and otherwise lovely smile will not deter you from thinking him a handsome boy. Because Dietrich lives with cats, he had to have a kitty-ear headband and a painted kitty nose to complete his appearance.
That's it for today...happy creating!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wonderful 4th!!!

I'm back home and in the studio today after being in Kearney, MO, at my sister and brother-in-law's "Star-Spangled-Fire Cracker Extravaganza." To say it is a family and friend get together is an understatement. There was food galore, drink and a fireworks show that makes their neighbors bring out their lawn chairs to watch. It is just too fun and is a must do annually. (Oh, and my sister had just redecorated the bedroom we stayed in with black furniture, tasteful black and white treescape photos, brushed nickel accents and new black and white bedding--too wonderful and spa-like. ) They used a new BBQ guy this year (to supplement the rest of the the to die for homemade cherry cobbler!!) and since they are on the north edge of Kansas City (BBQ Mecca of the Midwest) of course it was fabulous and everyone loved the jalapeno corn which was voted the perfect side dish to the brisket and pulled pork. YUM!! Yeah, it is sort of about the food too!!! The family pyrotechnists finished off the 4th for us with their skill of intermixing the correct proportions of fountains, aerials, mortars and boomers to the delight and cheering of us all!!

Six hours of driving yesterday we were home and greeted by the motley kitty crew. They were happy to see us and are obviously back in their routine since I have had all 3 in my lap and behind me since I started typing this. Ah, the love of the purr-generous furry family!!

Have a great tomorrow of a pumpkin guy in cat make-up for Halloween...kind of cute!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SpookyTime Jingles Sneak Peaks

This is a new Skelley Belly head with "H" cap (for Halloween of course!!) that I hope to have finished for the July 13, opening of SpookyTime Jingles! Still in the works, but I painted him yesterday and my husband must have liked him because he got the camera out last night and took a couple of shots of the gang in progress.

Celebrate safely over the 4th of July weekend!! (I think I have some painting to do, what do you think!!!???)