Sunday, January 31, 2010

EHAG Emporium Work

"Jakey-Boo" is the Monkey-Cats Studio work being offered on the EHAG Emporium for the sites debut.
Jakey-Boo has SOLD--thank you!!!

"Jakey-Boo" measures 9” x 4” x 5”; is made of paper-mache, with bamboo, paper, tinsel and wire also being used in the figure's accents; and is painted in acrylics and sealed with a matte polymer varnish.

"Jakey-Boo" has lots of little details from his Halloween bucket to his striped sweater vest and bow tie to his skelly-head scepter....he is one of those good things in a small package!

I hope you all enjoy the EHAG Emporium's offerings!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, January 29, 2010

EHAG Emporium

On Sunday, January 31, at 9 EST, the EHAG Emporium will have its debut!!! What is the EHAG Emporium you ask? Well, it is a new online opportunity for you to find original works of Halloween whimsy and art created by members of the Eclectic Halloween Artists Group. Click on the logo below and it will take you to this new site for you to get sneak peeks of some of the offerings on Sunday, as well as the list of artists participating this month. This is a "do not miss" opportunity!!! Great talent in this group!

Okay, this is a little self-serving, I am a member of EHAG and I am participating in this venture. Caught me!!

This is a sneak peek of "Jakey-Boo", my offering on the EHAG Emporium. Jakey is a little pumpkin head boy and Boo is his trusty-rusty skull headed scepter. Possibly another peek tomorrow, but you have to wait until Sunday to see the entire piece!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to come visit us on Sunday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bunnies and Eggs

I have been painting on a group of paper-mache "wabbits" the last two weeks and finished up last night by putting them on the counter with a group of porcelain eggs for a possible photo shoot this morning. I've been fighting a wicked head cold so I was a little fuzzy while doing this. Let's face it, I was more focused about getting into bed. When I walked in for my morning cup of coffee today, the partially painted "Bunnicula", as William referred to him, just made me laugh. I hadn't even realized last night that he looked like he was making a Halloween egg offering to me on the counter. You know me and Halloween, anything amuses me. I think he was trying to tell me, "get back to your Halloween pieces already!" I think I shall pay attention.

Which leads me to an announcement regarding my Halloween work.......I will be going to the Ghoultide Gathering show in Michigan, Saturday, October 2, this year!! I was very excited to be invited to the Michigan show and look forward to meeting you there. Make your plans, this is going to be an awesome show filled with wonderful artists from across the country!!!

The sad part is I will not be returning to California to the Halloween and Vine show, which I loved last year. Petaluma is gorgeous and the show partners are terrific, so even though I would like to believe they will miss me, the talent will be such that my absence will not even be noticed. Put them both on your calendars....these are don't miss Halloween shows!!!

Back to work for me....I see I still have plenty to paint!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What a Difference a Few Years Make....

I had the chance to photograph a piece I created the first year I worked in paper mache thanks to collector, Cynthia Biere, and place it by the piece I just completed this week, "Wellington Wabbit." Isn't it amazing how much things can change in just over three years? My early pieces were all about little heads and big over-sized bodies with a more primitive look, and they were originally made with celluclay. I hit some speed bumps with celluclay plus it didn't allow me to work in the detail I wanted so I went hunting for a new paper mache mix. I eventually found fastmache, which allowed me to do so much more in the medium and seemed to suit my evolving artistic needs. I have to give fastmache credit for the sculptural appearance of my work changing so much in the last two years. Thank goodness for collectors and family like Cynthia that supported me through the early work so that I have had the opportunity to take this artistic journey.

The figure below is the newest addition to the Monkey-Cats figures, "Wellington Wabbit." Wellington is related to the Easter bunny on his Mother's side....something like a second cousin twice removed (it's hard to be certain because rabbit lineage changes with such great frequency records aren't always accurate). Wellington likes glitter and sparkle so he has a German glass glitter bow tie and green garland grass in his basket supporting his special egg.

I'm pretty happy with this year's first spring rabbit. Hope you like him too.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to work on the next "wabbit".

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Banner!!

Just an banner just posted for my blog. David Everett of Chicken Lips created postcards, stickers and business cards for me last year and now I have a matching banner. He is such a talent and has his own graphic design business besides his very successful "Chicken Lips" biz. Thank you David!!!!!!

"Wabbit" Number 1

Working on rabbits this week and hope to get this one started in paint tonight or tomorrow depending on how the other "wabbits" go this afternoon. I sculpted arms on four rabbits yesterday and did not like how they dried overnight so I will be working on them again today. Sometimes the paper mache clay has a mind of it's own.

From time to time I get emails and facebook messages asking me how I get the surface to look the way it does using Fastmache.... well, sometimes it doesn't work for me either!!! I work with this material all the time so if you have a failure the first time out don't give up on this usually cooperative paper mache. Occasionally I get a bad batch of paper mache clay mixed and it doesn't show until it has dried and it shrinks and dimples in an unpleasing manner. I finished the arms and paws on this figure with a batch of different clay and the arms dried just the way I like. I do think this clay has humidity and temperature issues when drying, but I so like working with it I don't throw fits when I hit a speed bump here or there.

This is the first "wabbit" for 2010. He will have eggs in his bucket and the wire handle will be rolled for a finished look. German glass glitter on his bow tie or not? I'm leaning toward yes, to give him a little more "something-something." I love making those big ears in this clay....always up for a challenge!!

Have a great day ....I'm off to mix a new batch of paper mache clay!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


I had indicated to several of you that I would post an update of a bunny WIP today, but last night as we were trying to add our new router to the system and our surge protector arched. Computer is okay, backup is okay and we just got the system reconnected and running so it will be Tuesday for the update.

Have a great evening!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bunny WIPs

They aren't much yet....just heads on body forms, no arms or feet to speak of, but I thought I would share with you that the bunny "wabbits" are coming next month. They will all have a smile, of course, and baskets with eggs and stories to tell so as I mix clay and watch the little faces evolve I'm having a thought that I need to make one big Easter egg piece of some sort. Hmmm.....the wheels are turning.

Not to worry, the vampire wabbit is a vegetarian too, just like all of my good little vampires and counts.

Stay tuned...more to come!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three New Creations for SpookyTime Jingles!!

At the witching hour tonight (that would be midnight Eastern), three new Monkey-Cats Studio pieces will be available on SpookyTime Jingles. (Update...all sold)

First, is a Halloween piece, because it is always Halloween in my little brain, "Beauregard D. Pumpkin". "Beau", as his close friends call him, is a sweet little pumpkin fellow full of mischief and a little on the preppy side. He does love his sweater vests and party hats, and in my world that is just fine. He holds his smiling scepter, "Jack-Be-Little," and already has started his plans for his 2010 Halloween party, which includes some pumpkin games. You have to love him for that.

He does take a nice portrait.

"Beau's" boots even match his sweater vest and the stripes on his socks match "Jack-Be-Little's" stripes on his scepter.

Second, is "Jack O'Hearts." Jack is a bit of a Lothario... in his own mind. He loves women and feels Valentine's Day is the best holiday ever, even if some poor Roman died in the name of love under Claudius to begin the holiday. He wears the heart on his hat, on his boots and even carries a heart if you happened to miss the other symbols that adorn him. Such a funny little fellow carrying his heart in one hand and his little Valentine in the other to sweep his sweetheart off of her feet. He is the third single formed figure I have created (in an earlier post I think I said second, but I had forgotten about "Cassiopeia", besides "Sorta Wicked.")
Valentine outstretched in his hand, "Jack" is hoping for a successful day!!

Third, is "Val Entine". "Val" is a cross between a Mad Hatter and a little gentleman. He has wild hair, a huge top hat and a charming smile that just makes him sort of likable. I mean, you have to love a guy in lipstick that matches his hair, right? Crazy "Val" thought it would be fun to get his hair done for Valentine's Day and his sweetie hasn't seen it yet. "Val" was persuaded by his hair stylist that it is perfect, so he is ready for a night of romance and to pop that question some women dream of on Valentine's Day. Wonder what she will say?

Could you say ,"no" to that face?

Wish "Val" luck!!

That's it for this update. I have one more piece coming out this month on the new EHAG Emporium. Another great group of artist creating Halloween art.

Have a great day all!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Exciting News!!

The Eclectic Halloween Artists Group is starting something new.

Stay tuned for more information on this

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow and Cold....Brrrr!!!

Up to four more inches in the forecast for today and wind gusts over 40 mph this afternoon. We have an artic blast coming through the area and the current forecast is for windchills as low as -40 degrees through Friday. Groceries have been purchased, the bird feeders have been filled, errands are completed for the week so this sounds like a great time to finish up the paint on the SpookyTime Jingles' update pieces.

Here is a peek outside at the falling snow and wind blowing the zebra grass over...already. The wind is suppose to increase by mid-afternoon--YIKES!

Just so you don't think I haven't gotten anything done yet this week here is a sneak peek at ""Val Entine". He has wicked marabou feather hair and a huge hat to hold it down, but he wouldn't have it any other way. He is on his way over to his sweetheart's house to deliver a little "something-something" for Valentine's Day. Such a charmer!!

Well, I need to get to work so better get the paint mixed for another day of play...I mean work! **giggle**

Stay warm and safe!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Painting Today!!

The sculpting is done on a few figures and now it is time to paint. I love this part of creating almost as much as sculpting....well, maybe more. The characters start to come together in the sculpting process, but you can really see the figures evolve when the paint goes on. I'm anxious to see what happens.

These are the figures in paper mache clay, all dry and ready to receive their facial painting and outfits. I just noticed the little pumpkin boy in the front looks like the "Fonz" with his thumbs up like that. He will look different with his scepter and bucket added later.

Here is the second single-formed figure I have ever created (above) with the head and torso together, which forms a squatty silly looking character, which I put long arms on to exaggerate the proportions. Ah, he has a heart for his sweetie!!

This is the figure shown in the last post with his arms now sculpted. I don't know who is suppose to receive that heart he is holding, but I think they are going to have to pry it from his long spindly fingers. It must be chocolate!!!
Off to work for me!! Have a great day!