Friday, September 25, 2009

Rupert the Devil Pumpkin and Lothar His Skelly Scepter

I told you that Hephaestus had a Devil Pumpkin brother...his name is Rupert. Rupert is a bit less innocent than his sweet brother and chose as his companion the skelly scepter, Lothar. Lothar is a terrible influence on Rupert and constantly inspires him to do such things as letting the air out of bike tires, stealing children's' homework, letting dogs off of their leashes and then he lurks in corners to hear adults scold the young children accused of his doings. On Halloween night he has even been known to steal candy, scaring children and adults alike, and ringing doorbells and quickly hiding from the homeowner. He is just naughty!!!!!

This little fellow also has a pumpkin body as well as a pumpkin head. Don't let his smile fool you...he is pure mischief!!

Setting up this afternoon for Halloween and all happens tomorrow!!!

Have a great weekend all!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hephaestus the Devil Pumpkin With Horace

Tick, tick, tick....time is quickly approaching for the 14th annual Halloween and Vine this Saturday, September 26, at Hermann Sons Hall in Petaluma, CA. This little guy, "Hephaestus the Devil Pumpkin with Horace" will be one of 58 original works available for purchase at the Monkey-Cats Studio table. Hephaestus is one of two Devil Pumpkin brothers that will be making the journey to California...he is definitely the "cutey" of the two and adores his flaming pattern design on his base as well as across the bottom of his cape that covers his back. You might also notice he has a little devil tail...something this little guy was born with along with the horns sprouting from his forehead.

Not to fear, Hephaestus is a LITTLE devil and he only does small devilish deeds. (Okay, he has been know to fling a jack-o'-lantern or two, but only if they were already rotting and begging to be put out of their shriveling misery.) He is also shown with Horace, his Bat out of He-- (I didn't name him!!). It is actually Horace that you might have to watch...he has been known to fly off with a shiny thing or two, so if you adopt him and you can't locate one of your earrings, pretty pins or car keys (so naughty), you might want to check his favorite hiding spot, which is usually right over the top of your drapes. Of course when you go to look over the drapes he will have moved them and then put the object in plain site to make you feel pretty silly for not seeing them when you looked in the same spot the first time. Maybe you have already experienced the mischief of Horace!!

Well it is off to last minute details for me and maybe a margarita. Hope to see you Saturday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bowl for Halloween and Vine

Well, Halloween and Vine is this Saturday and one of the items I will have on my table is a first for me. I created a painted a 14.5" paper mache lined bowl with Monkey-Cat figures filling the landscape. It is perfect for displaying in any Halloween collection and has lots of little details to amuse any Halloween collector.

It is much better in person and will be available on Saturday at the show in Petaluma, CA. If you aren't familiar with the show just click on Halloween and Vine and it will take you to the site for you to gather more information on the event, location and artists taking part in the show. Hope to see you there!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Martha Stewart's Blog and Something New

Johanna Parker has been nominated for "Favorite Doer of the Week" on Martha Stewart's blog. Please click on the following address and give Johanna a vote!!!!! I just can't think of anyone more deserving of this award and every vote counts!! She is currently tied for second place so take your little fingers and jump on over to:
In the right column click on Johanna Parker and see how she is doing!!! Let's help her win this one!!

While I was without a computer I had time to do a little more painting and finished a new orb for Halloween and Vine. Below is the Monkey-Cat, that caught the rat, that snagged the spider that.....well, you get the idea! There are four figures about the orb, a Ms. Moon on top to illuminate the night sky, a Sir Jack Spinner on the bottom and lots of lumina pumpkins around the bottom border.

Smile for the camera Ms Moon....

and Batty Boy is out trick or treating with the Count and one of the Wicked sisters.

Hope you like what you see!!! Wow, only a week away before we set up for Halloween and Vine! Time does fly!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween and Vine

I'm baaackkkkkkk!!!! Goodness, maybe the "computer goddess" was trying to tell me something when the computer failed two weeks ago. Regardless, I'm back online, the new computer is to arrive in a few weeks and I am thanking my lucky stars that all was not lost.

In my absence from blogging and emailing I was able to get quite a bit of work done and I'm feeling so much better about what I have finished for Halloween and Vine. Just 10 days from now I hope to meet many of you in person for the first time at this wonderful Halloween event.

I'm thrilled to be included with such talent!!! If you are free on the 26th and need a trip to Petaluma, come give us a look!!!

Have a great day and we will hopefully share something new tomorrow!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, also, if you are not aware, Johanna Parker, of Johanna Parker Designs was selected by Martha Stewart as one of 10 nominees for Favorite Doer of the Week. If you have not voted yet please go to:
and go to the right side of Martha's blog and vote for Johanna. She is such a talent and so deserving of the award. Please go vote for her and give her blog and website a look.... Such talent just needs to be recognized!!!

Thank you all!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Computer Crash

Where have I been? Well on Wednesday morning I tried turning the computer on and received a fatal error...hard drive failed!!! I still don't know the outcome of what I lost and what if anything can be saved. So, if you don't hear from me it is because I'm in limbo about the computer.

I am on the deck of some friends that kindly lent me their little notebook to type a quick note. I have no email, no blogging capabilities and no addresses so hang in there with me...and so it goes!