Friday, December 9, 2011

Asking for some help!

You've all heard about the wonders of technology and how it simplifies and helps our lives?....Well, it does when it works the way you want it to.  Recently, my husband and I purchased new iPhones to help us with our home businesses and we were both quite happy with them.  Then, about a week later I realized my entire email list that I had been working on for about 5 years had been replaced with my husbands phone and address list from his new phone.  Many hours later and consultations with numerous computer technicians we were told it was gone.  I can honestly say I felt sort of sick because of the time and effort put into the list that also contained notes regarding every piece I've sold online, who bought it and when, and special requests made by collectors. My husband felt terrible as well, so now I'm asking for some help for us to both feel better.  If you did not receive an email from me tonight and you had been on my previous mailing list would you please let me know.  I'm happy to add you back to the list I'm currently using, which I was able to recover from my sent email files.  The rebuilding begins!  Oh, the wonders of technology. 

Also in the news, PFATT Marketplace opens up tomorrow morning, Saturday, December 10, at 10 a.m Pacific (11 a.m. Mountain, noon Central and 1 p.m. Eastern) with two offerings, Ira and Irvington Iceman, which are in the background in the left of the photo below. (see the last post for full images)  They are sweet little fellows that need new homes.  Check them out at the designated time tomorrow on PFATT Marketplace at:

I've also been working on other winter works.  Below is Topsy Turvy, a little snowman with wire arms holding a small wreath...

and a few candy cups for the holiday season such as this sweet little snowman with candy canes shown below.

I'll have more to share next week...I hope to have that little Father Christmas/Santa figure in the background of the top photo done soon, plus a new tree topper.  Christmas is fast approaching! 

Have a great weekend!