Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to Work!!!

I took a break over Christmas to enjoy the season and all of a sudden I realized my "batteries" were recharged!!! I mixed paper mache clay yesterday and have ideas flowing (a very nice thing to have happen) into sketches so I don't lose some of the concepts I propose to do in 2010. The hats are getting more exaggerated, I'm sculpting part of the detail I use to finish just in paint, and I think some pieces will be more complex in design elements in the coming year. I'll still be doing some of my favorite characters, but I'm really excited to try some larger, more complex pieces.

This little guy ended up being almost half hat and half figure...glad I don't have to wear that big thing on my head!!!!

Before I go, I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement in 2009. It was a very exciting year and I owe the success of Monkey-Cats Studio to my family, especially my husband, my artist-friends and my collectors. I feel I probably do not thank everyone often enough so I think that as 2009 winds down it is a good time to let you know that you are always in my heart, and I couldn't do what I do without you. Your friendships are treasured and I wish you all a bright and joyous New Year filled with love and prosperity. Thank you!

Time for me to get back to work!!
Happy New Year and celebrate safely!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Last Figure for the Year

This will be the last papermache figure for the year from Monkey-Cats Studio. It is a snowman, but unlike the other snowmen this season, this little guy has a human nose, and not a carrot to try to breath through. He is also dressed not only in a plaid scarf, but in a little green vest as well...which my sister said looked a tad tight like he had one snowflake too many! Poor little "Roller," he just can't give up those snow cones and rolls in the fresh snow. He is a friendly sort and has his right hand up waving at you from his frosty home.

"Roller" is carrying his little cousin "Ice Cycle" and a candy cane to swirl in their hot chocolate at the end of the day...another reason perhaps why "Roller's" vest is on the snug side. "Roller's" arms and hands are wire and can gently be moved to change their position.

Lots of little details in this fellow from his peppermint swirl button to the highlights in "Ice Cycle's" coal features and his little wooden carrot nose.

"Roller and Ice Cycle" have sold and will be moving to a warmer climate...they are thrilled and so am I!!

Have a great day!

Friday, December 11, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Update!!!

Where is the time going to? It can't possibly be time for another SpookyTime Jingles update on Saturday night can it?!!!! Yes, it is time and luckily I managed to get some pieces done this month in the middle of the Christmas tree farm madness!!! Not everything I wanted, not everything I thought I would get done (I have exceeding high expectations), but I did manage to produce 4 pieces for the update!!! (This seemed to be a really SHORT month!)

First, is "Standish the Pumpkin Elf," that you already had a preview to in an earlier blog. "Standish" is one of Santa's "go to guys" at the North Pole and he is a Pumpkin boy loving his elf costume!!! He is shown grinning with pride and holding a paper mache teddy bear and paperclay candy canes. Hours and hours in sculpting and painting the hat and those boots, but so worth it!!! The jingle bells on his hat and boots are actually paper mache balls painted to look like bells.

Then, there are the jingles for the month of December, "Topper", "Siegfried and Bubo" and "Tosser"....the 3+ snowmen from Monkey-Cats!!!

"Topper" is a unique piece that functions as a tree topper, but I also designed him so he can sit on a shelf. He is the shortest and smallest of the three, but he looks adorable on top of a Christmas tree.

Next, is "Siegfried" with his wise little snow-fellow companion, "Bubo". "Siegfried" loves this little stack of snowball goodness and carries him lovingly where ever he goes. "Bubo" may be small, but he is loyal and has kept Siegfried of a hot water more than once...which is really critical to a snowman!! You might say they are made of the same....stuff.

The final snowman in the group is "Tosser." Tosser is a guy's-guy, and has the throwing arm of a major league pitcher. He is known to always have a spare snowball concealed on his body somewhere (literally), and in an instant can toss a snowball with such accuracy that any challenger doesn't stand a chance. One good thing about "Tosser"...he never throws the first snowball.

I hope one of these new pieces finds a place in your heart! They will be available at midnight tomorrow night!!!!
Time sure is flying!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

STJ Tree on eBay

What an opportunity...a tree fully loaded with one of a kind originals made by the artists of SpookyTime Jingles is now on ebay!!!! Go give the auction a look and get close up photos of the ornaments because the group really came out full force to cover this little tree with the Christmas spirit!

Yes, there is a Monkey-Cats Studio ornie on that tree and I'm going to be naughty and make you look at the auction for a peek! Great group, great go bid and get yourself a special tree!!!

On another note...SNOW, and lots of it!! Home for the day painting because they are forecasting an inch an hour today...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Have a great day all!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la

Well, I just had a pleasant surprise. I went to Flickr to upload my images and much to my surprise I found this lovely holly frame to put around my photos. It is cold outside, snow possibly on Sunday, holly frames available to "Christmas-up" the figures...all is good with the world. (It doesn't take much to make me happy!!)

Below is the finished Pumpkin-Elf, "Standish". I need my head examined for putting the hours into sculpting and painting his hat and boots, but I just couldn't resist. Unlike last month's "Elf in the Ornie", this hat doesn't have real jingle bells, these are made of paper mache and painted to look like bells.

"Standish" is another one of my Pumpkin Boys that loves all holidays. He doesn't deliver presents on Christmas day, but he does help Santa with the distribution side of things up at the North Pole. He checks the names and packaging of each gift (along with a crew of "elves", if you know what I mean *wink-wink*) so that Santa successfully delivers each child the correct toy and gift. It isn't like it use to be at the North Pole as they have even gone to bar coding! "Standish" takes his responsibility very seriously to assure that Santa doesn't disappoint the children of the world and is shown here holding a teddy bear (also paper mache) and candy canes (paperclay) to be packaged for....oops, that would let the surprise out!

"Standish" is one of the more dashing of the Lumina family members and is never seen without his full elf costume except when he takes his January vacation to the Caribbean....then it is strictly island shirts and shorts for this little guy.

"Standish" hopes as Christmas approaches that you have a joyous and loving holiday season and that he doesn't see your name on the naughty list!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

PFATT December Giveaway!!

Come join in the fun at the the PFATT blog for some wonderful December giveaway items....yes, giveaway items, and I have made a little something to make the holiday season just a little more cheerful!

As you know if you follow my blog, I believe that elves are born from ornaments. Below is little "Onslow" bursting from his ornament from both the top and the bottom with a small Christmas tree and Christmas gift present in the foreground. This is a 7" x 8.75" hand-painted original on 140 lb. weight watercolor paper, signed by me and created just for the PFATT December giveaway. How do you win this you ask? Click on the link above and go to the PFATT blog to register!!

Lots of wonderful things being given away this month by PFATT members (getting in the Christmas spirit) so don't miss the chance to put your name and email address into the giveaway for a chance to win some really lovely pieces!!!!

Good luck!

Friday, November 20, 2009

2 New WIPs

It has been a busy week in the studio making paper mache clay, making armatures for hats and then building the hats, building faces, making elf shoes and boots and making bodies. Below is my first ever Pumpkin Elf. He will be a crossover piece from Halloween into Christmas and comes with an elf hat with balls on the tips and elf shoes designed in the same manner. He carries a teddy bear and candy canes and I plan on painting him in striped stockings with a little ornamental vest. The figures don't have much of a personality punch at this point....that will have to come with the paint.

I also roughed in several snowmen this week. The little fellow below has a carrot nose and an over sized top hat. and two "stick" arms. I think he gets a scarf today... he needs it to break up that large body of his.

That's how I work. I sculpt, set a piece down, work on another, then look back on the piece I worked on earlier and let it tell me what it needs. That little bit of separation during the creative process is very necessary for me to keep moving forward in the design of the pieces.

That's this weeks peek into the studio and my artsy little mind.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marques Lumina

Well, in my house Halloween is just about 11 months away, so Marques is smiling as he awaits his assignment for 2010. I'm in the studio today working on some new things sort of spooky and sort of jingly.

Hope you all are having a great week. We have sunshine so it looks like a great afternoon to sculpt and play!


Monday, November 16, 2009


Just had the last fall show for the season this past weekend and I am very happy!!! (Sorry, I forgot the camera!!) The show started slow and had me a little nervous because often the afternoons are the slowest part of the day....however, the reverse was true at this show. It seems the buyers waited until later in the afternoon to attend the show, which seems contrary to what normally happens. Big crowds in the morning, but hardly anyone was carrying packages versus smaller crowds in the afternoon with multiple items being carried. I guess you just never know.

I will start new pieces this week so as I get things put together I will post a WIP or two! Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Updates Tonight!!!!!!!

The November update for SpookyTime Jingles is tonight at midnight!!! I have one little jingle, Phineas the "Elf in the Ornie", and two little spooky-jingles....

the "Christmas Count" and "Pumpkin Claus." These three pieces will be available tonight at midnight on that very special marketplace!!

We can all use a little jingle in our lives... don't you think?! Hope to hear from you at midnight Eastern time (11 Central, 10 Mountain and 9 Pacific).

Have a great day!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Here Comes "Pumpkin Claus"

Here Comes "Pumpkin Claus", Here Comes "Pumpkin Claus", right down "Pumpkin Claus" Lane.... fa la la la la, la la, la la. Silly little "Pumpkin Claus" loves Christmas. From the time he was nothing more than a bloom on the pumpkin vine there were signs this little guy was going to be different. The elders talked about the strange candy cane markings on his bloom and the jingle bells on the tip of each petal. As his little bud grew they would hear Christmas Carols murmuring around him and shuttered at the strange sight of him shaking like a bowl full of jelly when he was highly amused. This little pumpkin even refused to release himself from the pumpkin vine in the fall...he waited until Christmas Eve.

The other little pumpkins laughed and called him names, and didn't let him join in any pumpkin games....oh oops, that's another story. Anyway, he developed an affinity for anything peppermint (starlight mints, candy canes, ribbon candy, etc.) and begged his Mother for a Santa hat and elf-like attire. Being a good Mom, she succumbed to his requests and also named him "Pumpkin Claus."

Santa heard about this little fellow, and when he met him he loved what he saw! Santa contracted with him so that on Christmas Eve he travels to an assigned area delivering gifts to good little boys and girls.

You didn't really believe Santa could deliver all of those presents all by himself did you? Oh, and if you leave out pumpkin cake or cookies for "Santa" on Christmas Eve and they are still there in the had a visit from "Pumpkin Claus." It would be like eating a cousin so he chooses to pass on anything made with pumpkin.

"Pumpkin Claus" is made of fastmache and wood and painted with acrylic paints. His candy canes and ornament are removable for safe storage.

Have a great day!


Friday, November 6, 2009

The Christmas Count

Here is what has been occupying my time this week, the "Christmas Count". This is little Count Vacula, dressed in his finest Christmas attire carrying two sugar-free candy canes (he is such a health fanatic), and a little present for his sweetheart.

He is full of little details on his hat (striped hat-band and holly), his cape (dots and stars on the front, and holly and a swirled-mint button on the back), his vest (a swirl-mint button, matching trim and kerchief to the hat-band pattern), swirl-mint stud cuff links, 2 removable candy canes and shading to round his form.

He is hoping to sit down for a nice cup of herbal tea flavored by his candy canes with his sweety after she sees what the present contains. Because they are vegetarians, you guessed it, it has "carrots" inside!!!

Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on Phineas

Phineas got a little more paint yesterday and he wanted you to see some of the changes. His red cap received some cream-colored stripes and he also got his shirt painted. He received some gold metallic trim on the edge of the green hat border, and the collar of his shirt as well as a dotted pattern to give the hat and collar a bit more visual interest. There was additional shading added on the face to give his features greater contrast, and he now has teeth instead of a white sliver. He was really happy about that!!

The thing Phineas was the most pleased with was the addition of tiny jingle bells to the tips of his hat trim. Every elf needs a little jingle!!

More work to be done on his ornie, but I need to paint on the Christmas Count today so the ornament design will have to wait until the end of the week.

Hope you like the changes...after seeing Phineas's hat I'm thinking I need an elf hat too!

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Local Hub Article

Are there times when you want to pinch yourself?....I think so! Not only did I have the good fortune to be interviewed by KHAS-TV that aired this week, but I have all but one column on the front of the Life section of the Kearney Hub today. Sarah Mulder was the Hub writer and she did a wonderful job mentioning Halloween and Vine and SpookyTime Jingles and I am just thrilled!!! Plus it is Halloween!!! Now that is what I call a wonderful day!

Thank you to all of you that have put up with me through all of this and my fall madness. I wish everyone the same good fortune!

Happy Halloween to you all!!

Spooky Salutations,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elf in the Ornie update

Little Phineas is making some progress so here is the first bit of paint on this tiny fellow and the ornie he is emerging from. His collar was added after the initial sculpting so it was too wet for paint, but will be painted green to match his pointy hat trim and it should give him some visual punch up against the red of the ornament. Don't you love what primary colors do when they are set up against one another!!! I'm debating about the design on the ornament...40-50's style stripes and dots is the direction on leaning at the moment. I have lots more work to do on his face, trim and ornament design, but I'm excited to get him finished. I'm sculpting this week so the painting is on hold.

You will also notice there are a few pumpkin boys in clay standing behind Phineas. They are both in the works and I hope to have one dressed for Christmas. We will see if my idea has merit or not once I execute it, and if you find there isn't one on SpookyTime Jingles next month then you will know it didn't work for me. So many ideas, so little time!!! ** giggle**

Hope you are having a great week and that you have fun plans for Halloween!! Only 3 days away--Boo!

KHAS-TV Interview is Up on Their Website

Okay, my photographs aren't done yet on the update for the little elf, but here is the link to the interview that was on last night's news from the Hastings, Nebraska station NBC affiliate, KHAS..... I received an email this morning from an artist in Missouri that the Kansas City station picked it up and ran it as well. How fun!! I'm not sure how long the clip will be up so if it disappears in a day or two don't be surprised.

I'll be back with a photo later today after I get my hair cut.
Have a great afternoon!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Elf in the Ornie

"Elf in the Ornie" (where do elves come from?) is the new WIP I have going. I worked on him yesterday while the KHAS-TV news people were here talking to me about Halloween art so I should have a link on Wednesday, which might show the addition of the hand and shoulders to the figure. They were really smart to have me work while we talked so it was more conversational and less intimidating to have a camera in the room. They were both delightful and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to get a little snippet on local television. Because of the subject matter they told me that other NBC affiliates might pick up the interview as a human interest filler.

I was also interviewed on Tuesday by a local newspaper writer and the article is suppose to be in the Halloween edition next weekend. Of course the two cats weren't the least bit concerned with that interviewer and jumped on the studio table and drank from their water dish and behaved normally... very cat-like!! I had this little fellow's head loosely sitting in the cracked ornament opening and had to move it during the interview to insure I had a piece left to finish. Those two cats have an extreme interest in my art and what I'm doing!!! (They must know I pay for the cat food and kitty litter.)

I'm excited to have this piece dry so that I can put some paint on both the ornament and the Elf figure. I also plan to paint the front of the small base that the ornament will set on. Something new for me so we will see if it works!!

Well, I better get ready to set up for tomorrow's show!! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A New WIP Tomorrow...Even If It Is Still Snowing!

So sorry for my absence...I have been getting ready for a show that is this Saturday and I seem to be so far behind that I focused on getting things done and not much time on the computer blogging!!! I can't believe I have been so negligent!

We have also been cold, overcast and wet here recently, which doesn't make for good picture taking, but I promise to show pictures of a new WIP tomorrow even if the sun is absent!

Have a great night!

Monday, October 12, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Update Tonight!!!

Tonight at midnight (Eastern time) SpookyTime Jingles will update with a new batch of goodies from a great group of artists. Below are three of my boys that will be available for sale tonight, Melvin, Augustus and Seymour. (Click on the title and it will take you to the STJ website. )

They look innocent, but the three are full of mischief!!!

We have our new computer set up now and I can goodness the screen is big and bright!! I love it and hopefully we won't have a "fatal error" show up on a black screen for quite some time!! Thanks to my hubby for working so hard transferring information and getting this set up for us!!

Have a great day and happy creating. I'm off to go mix some clay!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween and Vine and Ghoultide Gathering

First I want to report that Halloween and Vine is one of the most exciting and dynamic Halloween shows I have ever attended, but then again those of you that have attended before or know the work of the artists participating in the show already knew that!! The show gave me the opportunity to actually see the work of Scott Smith, Johanna Parker, Lori Ann Corelis, Nicol Sayre, William Bezek, Christy Silacci, Kerry Howard-Schmidt, Vergie Lightfoot, Ginny Betourne, Jorge de Rojas, Katherine Webber, Susie Scott and the list goes on and on...all a visual feast for the eyes and senses!! I don't know how to explain to you how much more impressive the work is to actually see it in person, hold and turn in your hand to see all of the detail and nuances of the surface, and to see it's actual size...especially when the artists' work already looks great in a photograph. The other thing is that every artists I met was just the nicest person...really, really friendly and encouraging and it just made for such a great experience. Equally wonderful were the collectors that came to the show and were so generous with their comments and purchases. Everyone was smiling in the building and that makes for such a great atmosphere that you are just happy to be exposed to such positive energy from people that share a love for Halloween just like you do! (Plus I got to meet Dani, Leah and Melissa!!)

If you ever get the chance to go to Petaluma, I highly recommend the event and the wine...oops, did I say wine?!! We stayed within walking distance of the old downtown and the restaurants and shops were wonderful and the citizen's really love their community, and like to share that with you. It made for that "icing on the cake" you always hope to experience when you are traveling. Of course, good food and drink tend to be a priority for some of us and after seeing myself in the photographs this year I really need to do a little less of the food!! Yikes!

I've included some shots of my table from last Saturday before the show opened.

Poor Scott, I was like a groupie you always hear about meeting someone they admire for the first time!! He was a trooper and posed for a photograph with me. His work is inspiring and if you can attend Ghoultide Gathering this Saturday, October 3, in Mill Race Village, Northville, MI, Scott will be there along with another great group of Halloween artists I so admire! Fellow EHAG artists Carolee Clark, Kristen Beason, Pam Gracia and Lori Brechlin will also be there. It would be so worth the trip, trust me!

There will be other artists posting about both events in the coming days so keep an eye out for some great displays!!

Have a great day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rupert the Devil Pumpkin and Lothar His Skelly Scepter

I told you that Hephaestus had a Devil Pumpkin brother...his name is Rupert. Rupert is a bit less innocent than his sweet brother and chose as his companion the skelly scepter, Lothar. Lothar is a terrible influence on Rupert and constantly inspires him to do such things as letting the air out of bike tires, stealing children's' homework, letting dogs off of their leashes and then he lurks in corners to hear adults scold the young children accused of his doings. On Halloween night he has even been known to steal candy, scaring children and adults alike, and ringing doorbells and quickly hiding from the homeowner. He is just naughty!!!!!

This little fellow also has a pumpkin body as well as a pumpkin head. Don't let his smile fool you...he is pure mischief!!

Setting up this afternoon for Halloween and all happens tomorrow!!!

Have a great weekend all!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hephaestus the Devil Pumpkin With Horace

Tick, tick, tick....time is quickly approaching for the 14th annual Halloween and Vine this Saturday, September 26, at Hermann Sons Hall in Petaluma, CA. This little guy, "Hephaestus the Devil Pumpkin with Horace" will be one of 58 original works available for purchase at the Monkey-Cats Studio table. Hephaestus is one of two Devil Pumpkin brothers that will be making the journey to California...he is definitely the "cutey" of the two and adores his flaming pattern design on his base as well as across the bottom of his cape that covers his back. You might also notice he has a little devil tail...something this little guy was born with along with the horns sprouting from his forehead.

Not to fear, Hephaestus is a LITTLE devil and he only does small devilish deeds. (Okay, he has been know to fling a jack-o'-lantern or two, but only if they were already rotting and begging to be put out of their shriveling misery.) He is also shown with Horace, his Bat out of He-- (I didn't name him!!). It is actually Horace that you might have to watch...he has been known to fly off with a shiny thing or two, so if you adopt him and you can't locate one of your earrings, pretty pins or car keys (so naughty), you might want to check his favorite hiding spot, which is usually right over the top of your drapes. Of course when you go to look over the drapes he will have moved them and then put the object in plain site to make you feel pretty silly for not seeing them when you looked in the same spot the first time. Maybe you have already experienced the mischief of Horace!!

Well it is off to last minute details for me and maybe a margarita. Hope to see you Saturday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bowl for Halloween and Vine

Well, Halloween and Vine is this Saturday and one of the items I will have on my table is a first for me. I created a painted a 14.5" paper mache lined bowl with Monkey-Cat figures filling the landscape. It is perfect for displaying in any Halloween collection and has lots of little details to amuse any Halloween collector.

It is much better in person and will be available on Saturday at the show in Petaluma, CA. If you aren't familiar with the show just click on Halloween and Vine and it will take you to the site for you to gather more information on the event, location and artists taking part in the show. Hope to see you there!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Martha Stewart's Blog and Something New

Johanna Parker has been nominated for "Favorite Doer of the Week" on Martha Stewart's blog. Please click on the following address and give Johanna a vote!!!!! I just can't think of anyone more deserving of this award and every vote counts!! She is currently tied for second place so take your little fingers and jump on over to:
In the right column click on Johanna Parker and see how she is doing!!! Let's help her win this one!!

While I was without a computer I had time to do a little more painting and finished a new orb for Halloween and Vine. Below is the Monkey-Cat, that caught the rat, that snagged the spider that.....well, you get the idea! There are four figures about the orb, a Ms. Moon on top to illuminate the night sky, a Sir Jack Spinner on the bottom and lots of lumina pumpkins around the bottom border.

Smile for the camera Ms Moon....

and Batty Boy is out trick or treating with the Count and one of the Wicked sisters.

Hope you like what you see!!! Wow, only a week away before we set up for Halloween and Vine! Time does fly!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween and Vine

I'm baaackkkkkkk!!!! Goodness, maybe the "computer goddess" was trying to tell me something when the computer failed two weeks ago. Regardless, I'm back online, the new computer is to arrive in a few weeks and I am thanking my lucky stars that all was not lost.

In my absence from blogging and emailing I was able to get quite a bit of work done and I'm feeling so much better about what I have finished for Halloween and Vine. Just 10 days from now I hope to meet many of you in person for the first time at this wonderful Halloween event.

I'm thrilled to be included with such talent!!! If you are free on the 26th and need a trip to Petaluma, come give us a look!!!

Have a great day and we will hopefully share something new tomorrow!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, also, if you are not aware, Johanna Parker, of Johanna Parker Designs was selected by Martha Stewart as one of 10 nominees for Favorite Doer of the Week. If you have not voted yet please go to:
and go to the right side of Martha's blog and vote for Johanna. She is such a talent and so deserving of the award. Please go vote for her and give her blog and website a look.... Such talent just needs to be recognized!!!

Thank you all!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Computer Crash

Where have I been? Well on Wednesday morning I tried turning the computer on and received a fatal error...hard drive failed!!! I still don't know the outcome of what I lost and what if anything can be saved. So, if you don't hear from me it is because I'm in limbo about the computer.

I am on the deck of some friends that kindly lent me their little notebook to type a quick note. I have no email, no blogging capabilities and no addresses so hang in there with me...and so it goes!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skyward Soaring Skelly

Oh look out, for there is bound to be fireworks in the night sky if that flying witch, "Bee Wicked", catches up with Sigmund the Skyward Soaring Skelly. You see, Bee had never worried about leaving her beloved broom, Cassandra, outside her door because Cassandra would only respond to the touch and bewitching chants of her owner. This had always been true until Sigmund Skelly learned of a magical bucket that would enchant Cassandra into flight as long as the handle of the bucket was placed over the broom tip. As far as Cassandra was concerned, it was Bee riding her, not that naughty skelly, Sigmund.

You know, I actually am concerned for Sigmund. I am afraid that Bee's riding skills far exceed Sigmund's piloting talents, and if she can bump the bucket loose from Cassandra...well, Cassandra will just dump Sigmund in mid-flight. Sigmund is just a skelly you know, and his bones won't bounce well when they hit the ground and could possibly break. Now, I'm not exactly sure if a skelly's bones can heal after they have been broken, afterall, they are no longer alive in the same sense we are, so let's hope Cassandra dumps him on a big fluffy haystack so that we don't have to find out. (By the way, if you know the answer to that question let me know.)

Sigmund's smile tells us he is pleased with his mischief so lets hope for the best!! Bad Sigmund, such a bad skelly!!!

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vladimir Vampyre

Vladimir "Vlad" Vampyre is a third generation family member of the vegetarian branch of the Vampyre clan, that also just happens to be cousins to the Vacula family. For centuries this family has craved and consumed the finest of green vegetables and algae in the old country, and now the United States. This constant consumption and digestion of all things green and full of chlorophyll has pigmented this family with a soft green skin tone making them very easy to recognize on Halloween night. You might say they almost glow under a porch or street light...which probably has something to do with their algae consumption and chlorophyll fluorescence. I'm sure any good biologist could explain that whole process, but that is a story for another day.

Vladimir moved to the United States recently, somewhere around 1798, or so...(no, the date isn't a typo, it's just that 2 or 3 hundred years is recent in terms of his family's history.) He decided to settle in the Southern states because he has found that he can find the most tender green morsels beloved by his palate almost year round in this region with minimal travel. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, algae, collard and dandelion greens suit this little guy's cravings just fine.

Vladimir can be found carrying his walking stick, Jasper, on most nights, and always on Halloween night. Unlike Vlad, Jasper craves chocolate and he isn't particular whether it is dark or milk chocolate, just as long as he gets a small stash on Halloween night. To keep Jasper content and free from howling episodes, Vlad will take him door to door to trick-or-treat for chocolate morsels. Their affection for food and each other is so very special!!!

Look for Vlad and Jasper on Halloween night, or should I say listen for them. Jasper can usually be heard sounding like an old siren in the early hours of the evening as he persuades Vladimir to go door-to-door for his chocolate treats. If you see them, let them know where you found your chocolate candies so Jasper will quiet down. Vlad will be most appreciative!!

Have a great week!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


This Lumina pumpkin boy is "Alphonse." "Alphonse" makes his living at the stylish fashion house, "Bats -and -More," where all the pumpkin boys, ghouls, witches and beings of the night acquire their fine attire. (I mentioned this earlier when I introduced you to the little pumpkin boy in the piece, "I Want This One") "Alphonse" loves putting together bits and pieces of discarded mummy cloth, owl feathers, spider webs, hairballs, rat whiskers, ear wax, etc., and spinning and weaving them into new fabrics to adorn the bodies of his clients. He is quite the designer and takes pride in his personal appearance as well.

"Alphonse" is shown in one of his many designs inspired from the night sky. In this grouping, he selected the theme of the stars and placed them on his cape, kerchief and magician's cap. He then selected a coordinating vest and bow tie that accentuate, but don't detract from the star motif, plus he added a cat bucket with small stars in which he could carry his Halloween treats, and yet it compliments the total look. (A classic functional style accessory. ) If you asked him....he would tell you it was just a little something he threw together!!

"Alphonse" also loves to travel so he will be taking a trip to California...wish him luck that some fashion diva needs to give him a new home. He would love to do Tim Gunn proud!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Such a Lucky Girl!!!

As many of you know, Pam Gracia, of Soft in the Head, had a recent blog giveaway and of course I entered, clicked my heels, did a twirl and crossed my fingers to become a winner!!!! Pam notified me after I had teased her terribly, and I actually won one of the two mice she had created for her giveaway. I just feel like such a lucky girl! Look at the little cutie that arrived in my mail late yesterday!!! This is "Celebrate"! You cute as it was on Pam's blog, it is even better in the hand. All of the little details and nuances of the surface are just so much better in person....and I'm so excited to give it a new home!!! It just makes me appreciate the process Pam goes through to make her treasures and how extraordinary her work is! She is genius, and just so darned creative!

Look at the shading on the mouse, the detail of the face and whiskers, the little cap made from a sheet of music, Celebrate's magic wand, her tutu and bow tie, how she used the safety pins as arms and nails for the feet, the bell at the tip of her tail, the painting on the goes on and on !! Fabulous!

I feel thrilled for winning and for being able to just correspond with the creator of such magical work! Thank you Pam for sharing your talent and for picking little ole' me as a winner!!! YIPPEE!!

Have a great day everyone and don't forget to click your heels!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing-Leigh Wicked

"Amazing-Leigh Wicked" is the oldest of the Wicked sisters and is the one sister in the family I would never turn my back on. This sister never fell into that face modification thing that her other sisters partook of. She has always firmly believed "she is who she is" and no rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty or lip augmentation was going to help her cast a spell or make her a better witch. I guess you could say that "Amazing-Leigh Wicked" is a witches' witch. Her spells are powerful, her potions are potent and mixed to perfection, and her curses are to be feared by adults and children alike.

Oh sure, she is shown here with a smile on her face as she carries her night companion scepter, Osiris, managing to look rather harmless....but, that is because she just turned all of the chocolate in the candy factory to mud, the sugar to sand and the flavoring to, well, you can guess!! That is the reason for her smile and giggling!!! She is naughty and she is fast!!

Take note of the back of her cape because this may be all you see of her. If you see this on Halloween night check your treats, pets and porch statuary because some sort of spell has been cast and you need to take care!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lumina the Magnificent, the Pumpkin Magician

Every pumpkin child dreams of becoming not just a slight-of -hand magician, but an honest to goodness, true, real, actual Halloween magician. Few are destined to become something so magical, but one that was able to live this dream is Lumina the Magnificent. Lumina started out as a humble little pumpkin in the middle of a huge patch, but others started to notice the fireflies dancing around him at dusk illuminating the darkening sky above him. As time passed and Lumina began to mature, others noticed the fireflies starting to make patterns and designs in the sky looking like huge fireworks bursting in the air, and the sound of giggling emerging from beneath their dance. Each night the spectacle became larger and more grand with all of the pumpkin patch beginning to take notice because it became difficult for them to sleeping in what appeared to be daylight!!

The pumpkin elders knew what was happening in their pumpkin patch. They knew they had been given a special gift and they began to nurture the talents of this young magician pumpkin. After a series of tests the elders unveiled the pumpkin pages of old and presented Lumina with the knowledge of his Halloween ancestors. He learned of his family's ancient ways and of the celebrations and dances of Halloweens past. The elders also presented Lumina with a magic wand made from a very special piece of pumpkin vine tipped in gold and orange....but the best gift was the cap and cape they presented Lumina from their prior great wizard, Hubbard the Great, that had lived generations before Lumina.

Young Lumina read and read, practiced and practiced, sought out the knowledge of the best and brightest of his time and grew to be a truly wonderful pumpkin magician. His greatest gift to us is the spirit of Halloween. He wants everyone to enjoy the harvest of the day, the festival of the spirits, the celebration of the night and the greeting of "Trick or Treat", and above all else for us to believe in magic. He does!! (I do too!!)

Hope you enjoy Lumina the Great!
Have a great Monday!