Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skyward Soaring Skelly

Oh look out, for there is bound to be fireworks in the night sky if that flying witch, "Bee Wicked", catches up with Sigmund the Skyward Soaring Skelly. You see, Bee had never worried about leaving her beloved broom, Cassandra, outside her door because Cassandra would only respond to the touch and bewitching chants of her owner. This had always been true until Sigmund Skelly learned of a magical bucket that would enchant Cassandra into flight as long as the handle of the bucket was placed over the broom tip. As far as Cassandra was concerned, it was Bee riding her, not that naughty skelly, Sigmund.

You know, I actually am concerned for Sigmund. I am afraid that Bee's riding skills far exceed Sigmund's piloting talents, and if she can bump the bucket loose from Cassandra...well, Cassandra will just dump Sigmund in mid-flight. Sigmund is just a skelly you know, and his bones won't bounce well when they hit the ground and could possibly break. Now, I'm not exactly sure if a skelly's bones can heal after they have been broken, afterall, they are no longer alive in the same sense we are, so let's hope Cassandra dumps him on a big fluffy haystack so that we don't have to find out. (By the way, if you know the answer to that question let me know.)

Sigmund's smile tells us he is pleased with his mischief so lets hope for the best!! Bad Sigmund, such a bad skelly!!!

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vladimir Vampyre

Vladimir "Vlad" Vampyre is a third generation family member of the vegetarian branch of the Vampyre clan, that also just happens to be cousins to the Vacula family. For centuries this family has craved and consumed the finest of green vegetables and algae in the old country, and now the United States. This constant consumption and digestion of all things green and full of chlorophyll has pigmented this family with a soft green skin tone making them very easy to recognize on Halloween night. You might say they almost glow under a porch or street light...which probably has something to do with their algae consumption and chlorophyll fluorescence. I'm sure any good biologist could explain that whole process, but that is a story for another day.

Vladimir moved to the United States recently, somewhere around 1798, or so...(no, the date isn't a typo, it's just that 2 or 3 hundred years is recent in terms of his family's history.) He decided to settle in the Southern states because he has found that he can find the most tender green morsels beloved by his palate almost year round in this region with minimal travel. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, algae, collard and dandelion greens suit this little guy's cravings just fine.

Vladimir can be found carrying his walking stick, Jasper, on most nights, and always on Halloween night. Unlike Vlad, Jasper craves chocolate and he isn't particular whether it is dark or milk chocolate, just as long as he gets a small stash on Halloween night. To keep Jasper content and free from howling episodes, Vlad will take him door to door to trick-or-treat for chocolate morsels. Their affection for food and each other is so very special!!!

Look for Vlad and Jasper on Halloween night, or should I say listen for them. Jasper can usually be heard sounding like an old siren in the early hours of the evening as he persuades Vladimir to go door-to-door for his chocolate treats. If you see them, let them know where you found your chocolate candies so Jasper will quiet down. Vlad will be most appreciative!!

Have a great week!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


This Lumina pumpkin boy is "Alphonse." "Alphonse" makes his living at the stylish fashion house, "Bats -and -More," where all the pumpkin boys, ghouls, witches and beings of the night acquire their fine attire. (I mentioned this earlier when I introduced you to the little pumpkin boy in the piece, "I Want This One") "Alphonse" loves putting together bits and pieces of discarded mummy cloth, owl feathers, spider webs, hairballs, rat whiskers, ear wax, etc., and spinning and weaving them into new fabrics to adorn the bodies of his clients. He is quite the designer and takes pride in his personal appearance as well.

"Alphonse" is shown in one of his many designs inspired from the night sky. In this grouping, he selected the theme of the stars and placed them on his cape, kerchief and magician's cap. He then selected a coordinating vest and bow tie that accentuate, but don't detract from the star motif, plus he added a cat bucket with small stars in which he could carry his Halloween treats, and yet it compliments the total look. (A classic functional style accessory. ) If you asked him....he would tell you it was just a little something he threw together!!

"Alphonse" also loves to travel so he will be taking a trip to California...wish him luck that some fashion diva needs to give him a new home. He would love to do Tim Gunn proud!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Such a Lucky Girl!!!

As many of you know, Pam Gracia, of Soft in the Head, had a recent blog giveaway and of course I entered, clicked my heels, did a twirl and crossed my fingers to become a winner!!!! Pam notified me after I had teased her terribly, and I actually won one of the two mice she had created for her giveaway. I just feel like such a lucky girl! Look at the little cutie that arrived in my mail late yesterday!!! This is "Celebrate"! You cute as it was on Pam's blog, it is even better in the hand. All of the little details and nuances of the surface are just so much better in person....and I'm so excited to give it a new home!!! It just makes me appreciate the process Pam goes through to make her treasures and how extraordinary her work is! She is genius, and just so darned creative!

Look at the shading on the mouse, the detail of the face and whiskers, the little cap made from a sheet of music, Celebrate's magic wand, her tutu and bow tie, how she used the safety pins as arms and nails for the feet, the bell at the tip of her tail, the painting on the goes on and on !! Fabulous!

I feel thrilled for winning and for being able to just correspond with the creator of such magical work! Thank you Pam for sharing your talent and for picking little ole' me as a winner!!! YIPPEE!!

Have a great day everyone and don't forget to click your heels!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing-Leigh Wicked

"Amazing-Leigh Wicked" is the oldest of the Wicked sisters and is the one sister in the family I would never turn my back on. This sister never fell into that face modification thing that her other sisters partook of. She has always firmly believed "she is who she is" and no rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty or lip augmentation was going to help her cast a spell or make her a better witch. I guess you could say that "Amazing-Leigh Wicked" is a witches' witch. Her spells are powerful, her potions are potent and mixed to perfection, and her curses are to be feared by adults and children alike.

Oh sure, she is shown here with a smile on her face as she carries her night companion scepter, Osiris, managing to look rather harmless....but, that is because she just turned all of the chocolate in the candy factory to mud, the sugar to sand and the flavoring to, well, you can guess!! That is the reason for her smile and giggling!!! She is naughty and she is fast!!

Take note of the back of her cape because this may be all you see of her. If you see this on Halloween night check your treats, pets and porch statuary because some sort of spell has been cast and you need to take care!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lumina the Magnificent, the Pumpkin Magician

Every pumpkin child dreams of becoming not just a slight-of -hand magician, but an honest to goodness, true, real, actual Halloween magician. Few are destined to become something so magical, but one that was able to live this dream is Lumina the Magnificent. Lumina started out as a humble little pumpkin in the middle of a huge patch, but others started to notice the fireflies dancing around him at dusk illuminating the darkening sky above him. As time passed and Lumina began to mature, others noticed the fireflies starting to make patterns and designs in the sky looking like huge fireworks bursting in the air, and the sound of giggling emerging from beneath their dance. Each night the spectacle became larger and more grand with all of the pumpkin patch beginning to take notice because it became difficult for them to sleeping in what appeared to be daylight!!

The pumpkin elders knew what was happening in their pumpkin patch. They knew they had been given a special gift and they began to nurture the talents of this young magician pumpkin. After a series of tests the elders unveiled the pumpkin pages of old and presented Lumina with the knowledge of his Halloween ancestors. He learned of his family's ancient ways and of the celebrations and dances of Halloweens past. The elders also presented Lumina with a magic wand made from a very special piece of pumpkin vine tipped in gold and orange....but the best gift was the cap and cape they presented Lumina from their prior great wizard, Hubbard the Great, that had lived generations before Lumina.

Young Lumina read and read, practiced and practiced, sought out the knowledge of the best and brightest of his time and grew to be a truly wonderful pumpkin magician. His greatest gift to us is the spirit of Halloween. He wants everyone to enjoy the harvest of the day, the festival of the spirits, the celebration of the night and the greeting of "Trick or Treat", and above all else for us to believe in magic. He does!! (I do too!!)

Hope you enjoy Lumina the Great!
Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles Updates Tonight!!!!!

At midnight tonight STJ will update!!!! I have been working on Halloween and Vine's inventory this past month so I will not have anything new to offer tonight, but I do have a little fellow below that is still available for the Christmas collectors. I apologize profusely, but I really needed a month to focus on the big show in California and nothing else. I promise to be back next month with new Halloween works!!!

Have a great day all!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beatrice, "Bee" Wicked

This is Beatrice, or as her friends call her, "Bee" Wicked. She is a sister in that line of witches known as the Wicked family, which also includes Sorta, Pretty and I.M., that you have had previous introductions to over the last few months. "Bee" is the flyer in the family. Never seen without her magical broom, she flies everywhere and carries celestial symbols on her hat to denote her love of the night sky, and also to distinguish her from other witches without her flying skills. You see, if a witch has been noted for exceptional flight aptitude (loops, touch and goes on Halloween night, flight catches of Halloween bags, etc.) they are then given stars and crescent moons to acknowledge their skill level to be placed on their hats. You will note that "Bee" already has been given two stars and a crescent moon awarded to her for her exceptional abilities. It is also partially the reason she received the nickname "Bee"...besides the fact her name is Beatrice, it is said she can fly with the agility and purpose of mission like a bee, so her nickname actually comes to her in two ways.

"Bee" is shown here with her broom, Cassandra. Cassandra has had some racing stripes placed on her handle to designate the speed in which she carries "Bee". The full figure view also shows the details on "Bee's" belt, socks and striped shirt, and the pin on her chest that is symbolic of the Arachnid flying team that she is a member of.

Hope you enjoy the peek...she is flying to Halloween and Vine.

Have a great week and we will chat at you later!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Augustus Lumina with Cyrus, His Cat Scepter

I had a good day yesterday and finished the painting on another new figure for Halloween and Vine. Let me introduce you to little "Augustus Lumina", a magician cousin in the Lumina (pumpkin) family. He loves Halloween and wears the number 31 proudly on his magician cap, as you can see below, to honor the date of Halloween. He also is shown carrying his trusty-rusty cat scepter, Cyrus, to help him perform his magic.

Augustus isn't a magician of the dark arts....he likes to think of his magic as falling somewhere in the light to medium gray area. He does relatively harmless acts of magic such as turning gummy worms into actual worms in children's candy (no sugar so it's healthier for the teeth), turning cell phones into frogs (you don't need to be talking on them all the time anyway), removing the white stripe on a skunk to make it look like a cat (they need a little scratch behind the ears too), and making naughty children grow horns until they change their ways (an incentive to be a better person)...things of that sort. You might actually refer to him as more of a magician of mischief more than anything else.

Augustus had his mother decorate the back of his cape and wanted to show off her handy work so here is a back view.

Such an innocent little face for such a mischievous little fellow. Keep an eye out for him on Halloween night because your bag of candy might not end up being candy after he cast a spell on it, so look carefully as you unwrap each piece!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"I Want This One"

Our recent cool weather has made it very easy to be in the "fall" mode of thinking so naturally that has had an influence on my Halloween pieces. The day I sculpted "I Want This One," I had driven by the local Farmer's Market and remembered what it is like in the fall to see the children running to the pumpkins to pick out their special treasure. I think you all of seen their little faces light up as they gingerly carry their new treasure to their mother or father and announce, "I want this one." Well, that is what I was trying to capture when sculpting and painting little Seymour shown below.

I tried to give him the face of an innocent child totally involved with his new affection for a Halloween pumpkin. Will he be able to cut into it and make a jack-o'-lantern, or is it too precious for him to cut through it's skin to make a scary face? Only Seymour knows....but I'm betting this little pumpkin isn't destined for the knife.

Lots of little details in his long spindly vine-like fingers wrapped around the selected pumpkin, and something in Seymour's demeanor required a German glass glitter covered bow. His little sweater vest even carries the logo of the very fashionable house of "Bats-n-more", where all of the little pumpkin children receive their clothing.

To coordinate with his stylish bow tie, Seymour has just a touch of ribbon glitter at the base of his magician's cap. Now, how could you say no to such an impish little fellow? You know he got his choice of pumpkins!!!

Seymour hopes that your children and grandchildren all get to experience the thrill of pumpkin selection this fall!! I hope you remember him and his joy everytime you see a pumpkin on a porch or in a window this fall!!

Have a great day and now it is back to the paint for me!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dead Camera Battery

I was going to post a WIP this morning, but the camera had other ideas...dead battery!! I will post an update tomorrow of my pumpkin toting fellow.

Have a great Tuesday!!