Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Robin Sullins

UPDATE: Happy to say that that this little fellow's heart touched someone else's heart and the money will be given to Robin's fund.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

An update to my last post.  The little character didn't sell on PFATT Marketplace and I think the Universe was telling me it had other ideas for "P.S. With All of My Heart."  Facebook friend, Angi Sullins, recently told us of the plight of her dear family member. Robin.  Robin just lost both of her legs today and the fingers on one hand due to a terrible infection.  She has been fighting for her life and I would like to help the family in a way I know how. 

They have established a Robin Sullins Relief Fund to assist with medical bills.  I have decided that the full purchase price of this work will be donated to the fund.  If you are interested in the work and in supporting Robin's recovery, please email me at:  monkeycatsstudio@charter.net.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

P.S. With All of My Heart

Wow, where did 2012 go?  I don't think I remember a year flying by as fast as this past year, and it makes me wonder if indeed I am uttering the same words my parents said at my age.  I remember thinking how old and mature fifty-seven sounded when I was younger, but I have discovered it isn't either of those things.  I forget I'm not still in my thirties, and I'm not sure I have ever felt mature a day in my life.  I asked my Mother recently about how old she was when she felt mature, and she told me she would let me know when it happens.  Must be in our genes, and I am so blessed to have those genes that still provide me with my childlike wonder!!

"P.S. With All of My Heart," is about that childlike wonder of the heart.  I loved Valentine's Day as a child (and still do today) and I always looked forward to decorating our boxes at school to receive our classmates' valentines.  Everyone gave and received valentines that we made in the classroom.  Cupcakes were generally the order of the day from our teachers, and fingers were often crossed that we might receive a special valentine from a certain boy we were sweet on.

This little character's name is Val, and he is having those same thoughts.  He has a sweetheart he is ready to give his valentine to and he wrote her a message on the back with a post script, "With all of my heart."  My thought is there is no way she could refuse such a sweet message from such a passionate observer of Valentine's day!  

There are so many details on this little fellow such as the painted hearts on his hat that are painted inside one another and springing forth from the headband as though they are May flowers.  The largest heart on the hat is actually three-dimensional and is slightly raised from the top hat itself.  Val's bow tie and jacket are also painted in the same heart motif with dots and lines being used to guide the eye inward and upward toward Val's big smile.  He also has a second three-dimensional heart on his jacket placed over where his actual heart would be.  There are also two heart buttons painted on his back with a third three-dimensional heart on the center of his jacket back.   The heart he is holding is also three-dimensional and allows his fingers to be wrapped around his valentine treasure with a small heart painted in the upper corner.  

This little fellow will be available on Thursday, January 10th, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on PFATT Marketplace.  I have provided you this  link that will take you directly to my page..  After the Marketplace opens on the 10th, click on the link and if this work isn't on view yet, refresh the page until you see Val.  If you wish to purchase the piece send me a quick email and I will sell the piece to the  first person to email me with the price of the work in the subject line of the email.  Here is hoping he touches your heart and you can give "P.S. With All of My Heart," a new home.

Thank you for giving my page a view, and cheers to you in 2013!!