Thursday, May 9, 2013

Halloween Candy Cups

Both SOLD.....thank youI!!!  I have two Halloween candy containers available tomorrow, Friday, May 10th, on PFATT Marketplace.  They are the first Halloween candy cups for 2013 from Monkey-Cats Studio. They feature two of my characters, "Sir Jack Spinner" on the left and "Jakey Boo" on the right.

Both pieces are hand painted on handmade paper mache cups and feature the details of scalloped borders around the rim,  painted stars and swirls and a spider web and spider on the back as part of the design along with the character's images.   The candy cups also have the addition of a hand twisted black wire handle to either hang the cup from on your Halloween tree or to just place amongst your Halloween collectibles on a shelf or display.

PFATT Marketplace opens at 10 a.m. Pacific time and I will sell one or both cups to the first collector(s) to email me after the marketplace opens up.

PFATT has so many quality artists that I thank you in advance for considering my work to add to your collection.  You keep my little studio engine running! 

Have a great Mother's Day!