Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sir Stolen Time

SOLD...Thank you!!

As part of the "Screampunk Challenge" for the groups,  PFATT and EHAG, the members of the two groups were challenged to create a work that mixed a touch of Halloween with Victorian industrial, known as Steampunk.  After thinking about the challenge I decided that my piece was going to focus on time, and time theft (borrowing) and time travel.  This is what I came up with, "Sir Stolen Time," a silly skelly that will be for sale this Saturday night on the EHAG Emporium at 9 p.m. ET.

In this full view of "Sir Stolen Time", you can see his magic watch made from paper mache clay and a metal clock face, his metal gear buttons down the front of his vest, his metal key monocle fob with a chain hanging from his metal-gear monocle, and topped off by his time-geared top hat. 

This piece is the first work I have ever created with reference to Steampunk or gears, but I'm thinking it might not be the last.  I sort of like this thing called "Screampunk"!

I have seen lots of wonderful works created due to this challenge so don't miss checking out the EHAG and PFATT blogs for more sneak peeks!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time is Flying

Goodness me, where has the time gone?  Time seems to be flying and one little character coming out of the studio this past week seems to be in agreement with that.  Below is a sneak peek of "Sir Stolen Time", a somewhat silly little skelly that lurks around stealing time from others when they aren't paying attention. 

I think most of us have looked up from what we are doing and had the realization 5 or 10 minutes have passed and wondered where it went.  Well, I think "Sir Stolen Time" just might be the culprit.  You see, "Sir Stolen Time" didn't pay attention to time as a youth and it wasn't until he became a skelly he began to value time and what could be accomplished in seconds and minutes a day.  He was given a magical clock that allowed him to accumulate time from others so he could return to our world to create gentle mischief and pranks.  He does such things as moving keys, putting pepper in the salt shaker, eating the last piece of candy you've been saving for days and using the last roll of toilet paper in the house.   (At least, that is what he has done in my home, but I'm sure you have all had similar incidents occur.)

"Sir Stolen Time" was created as part of a joint EHAG-PFATT challenge called Screampunk...sort of a twist Joyce Stahl came up with to reference a Halloween steampunk creation.  She is so clever!

I may put out another tease of "Sir Stolen Time" before he becomes available.  He will be for sale on the evening of March 31, on the EHAG Emporium.

Hope to see you there !!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chucky, Ferdinand and Priscilla

I've been busy in the studio working in paper mache clay and almost forgot to post that I will have three pieces available this Saturday on PFATT Marketplace.  Below is Chucky Chick candy cap, the last Spring piece I will create this year.  He is upset that the Easter bunny gets so much hype so that explains his forced grin.  I think some Halloween sort of came through on this piece-yikes!!

As many of you know, the "N. Stein" family has a number of brothers and the little character on this candy cup is one of Frank's younger brothers, Ferdinand.  Ferdinand doesn't have the high brow of his older brothers, Frank and Fred, but he is still quite the looker ...especially when you consider he is made up of parts.  He is accompanied by Astro, his bat, and is surrounding by the stars and bats in the night sky.

The final offering on the PFATT Marketplace is the youngster, Priscilla Pumpkin.  Priscilla is so excited because this will be her first Halloween to trick or treat.  She had her mother create her moon and star bow for her to wear on her little stem curl, and she very carefully put on her striped stockings so that the lines would be even on her little legs.  Priscilla even hand picked her candy bucket, Orville, to accompany her on her Halloween night maneuvers.  She appears a bit eager, but that is due in part to the fact that her mother just couldn't break the news to her that Halloween is 7 months away.  Poor little Priscilla, she knows it is Halloween somewhere!

PFATT Marketplace opens at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday so if you are interested follow this link at that time for the update!!!


Hope you like them and that I hear from you!